Sharing Him With The Marines

Jimmy and I have been together almost 4 months and in these last 4 months i have learned sooo much,I have gotten so strong..Iv never dated a guy in any branch of the Military..Sure iv had Family in the Marines but its different.Iv learned that yes im on his mind but work comes first..The Marines takes alot of our time and keeps him from me..Yes it does get annoying but its what he loves and i stand behind him 110% Iv learned to live on a moments notice and not to take ANYTHING for granted..I roll my eyes at girls that say 'I miss my baby so much iv not seen him all week' Like really cry me a river last time i saw mine in person was February...Its the phone calls,and skype dates.That keep me going..I learn to deal with the crazy hours..The 24 hr shifts..He's awake im awake when he goes to sleep for a few hours i go to sleep and then its back up for both of us..Yes he's in the states but being over 28 hours apart is by far the hardest thing iv had todo in a relationship..But just like him this was a choice..A choice to fall for him,a choice to love him,and im making to choice to be faithful and wait for him however long that may take,i'll be waiting with arms open...Nobody said it was gonna be easy but in the end i know its gonna be worth it! <3 ~Semper Fi
HayHay1 HayHay1
18-21, F
May 15, 2012