Ladies With Marines In Oceanside, California.

My marines in oceanside california, and after 3 long years of standing by him. Were getting married in June. Im returning back with him to his last duty station in Oceanside. I just wanna know if theres any ladies that have beeen or are currently over there now. I just want a grasp of what its gonna be like. considering this is the first time im taveling across the country to be with him. Its completely worth it dont get me wrong because my monts, nights, and years of being without him are almost OVER. Im just a bit scared? Do i have a reason to be?
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1 Response May 22, 2012

We are stationed at Camp Pendleton but my husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan so our son and i moved back home with the in laws till he comes back. We lived on ba<x>se and enjoyed it. <br />
Message me, id be happy to answer your questions. =)<br />
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