My Marine <3

My boyfriend is in the marines!! It is wonderful and hard at times, sometimes the stress gets to him and he just wonders off to his self. Sometimes i'll let him be alone but come on there's nothing better than seeing his smile and hearing his laugh so no matter what ill try my hardest to make him laugh. Whether we're together, on the phone, or on oovoo seeing that smile just brightens up my day :). He'll be leaving for 6 months on the 24th which is a week away. It's going to be real tough but a letter or call is better than not seeing or hearing from him. Being in a relationship with a marine is different than a normal relationship but I love it. No matter what or where he chooses to go i'll be right by his side with the caring, love and support that he needs to keep his pride up and head up high. If I could change or go back in time I wouldn't change a thing but only replay our time we have shared just as it's going <3
Arlisa23 Arlisa23
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012