What's Happening?

What's wrong with me?
I've been hearing those voices since I was a kid, I don't know what they really are, but they sound like bird voices..I'm not sure though..
There are some days when I need time not to listen to any music, I just need silence..but lately silence is becoming so hard for me to find. At night, those weird noises are my lullabies..I always try to understand them, but what they are? What if they are just my hallucinations? Yet I'm not even addicted to any kind of drugs, I'm pretty sure I'm always completely sober when I'm not asleep.
Then last night I remembered a movie "The Journey to The Center of Earth", if you know that movie..well, the voices I always hear sound like the blue glowing birds I guess..But how can I hear them? Whenever I ask my family members about it, they just look confused and all, it makes me feel like somehow I'm being inside different world with them, I feel insane!
I tried to meditate about it, ough I couldn't...the thoughts of my crush were so annoying in my head so I just went to bed and slept. At 1am this morning I woke up, watching a movie for awhile. When I tried to fall asleep again, I got sleep paralysis..well I don't know, maybe it was something else, I'm not sure, I usually can do something like astral projection when I get sleep paralysis, but what happened that time was really different.
In the morning I woke up at 5:30 am, then I just sat at the edge of my bed, thinking.
I stared at the wall, but suddenly the wall began to change pattern..uhm it seemed like my eyes photoshopped it, it changed pattern over and over again until I saw a light come out from it. A purple light. I blinked my eyes for a couple times. but I was so curious so I focused on that strange light. It came out from the wall and disappeared right in front of my eyes, I tried to touch one, but then I saw a green light at the top of my pointed finger.."Is that a superpower?", I asked myself, then I automatically remembered about the episode where Criss Angel could walk through solid things like metal gate. Well, who knows if I could do the same to this wall? So I tried to put my finger into the wall, failed. But it didn't stop that way, I saw all of my fingers surrounded by that green light. What was it? My aura? I don't know.
HakujitsuSeiten HakujitsuSeiten
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012