I don't know if this counts but I saw a shape like a shadow the size of a dog floating past me and my dog. It was afternoon getting dark in a park. It went very fast.
Later I saw spiders going down my curtains. Stars in a cloudy sky at night and recently a shooting star, though it could have been real.
unAmigo unAmigo
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I have had a chance to read through your other posts & I am just wondering...have you ever been to someone who is qualified to help you to deal with what you are going through?

The fact that these things are happening to you....count. Whether or not they are real..you are experiencing them and what you are feeling is real because of it. As this is the first post i have read on your site....I want to know....how were you feeling BEFORE you saw these things, how does it make you feel when you see them and how do you feel after?

I was feeling fine. Then I felt scared about it. Now I feel scared about it.