I was in a car accident back in October. Since then I've had pretty terrifying hallucinations. They only come at night. I see faceless people. It has gotten so bad that I try for hours every night to keep the lights on and not to sleep so I won't see them. A few times I've had experiences where I felt like someone was waking me up and I open my eyes and see crowds of faceless people looking at me. It is so frightening. The doctors don't know what's causing this. They have prescribed me antipsychotics but they aren't helping.
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In the accident, did you have any head trauma or brain injury? Or concussion, memory loss, anything like that? Because hallucinations aren't always from psychiatric conditions of the brain. They can sometimes be medical symptoms. If the antipsychotics aren't helping, it might not be a mental illness. Maybe you should get an MRI?

I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. I've had 4 Mris and nothing has shown up to show anything to help the docs figure it out

Have you just told psychiatric doctors about the hallucinations, or have you told the medical doctors too? Because some brain injuries don't show a lot of medical evidence. Sometimes they have to be diagnosed and treated based on verbal description of the symptoms.

I've told my neurologist and he can't explain why I hallucinate. I'm gonna be getting new docs soon hopefully they will have a better insight

I hope so too! A new perspective could definitely help.


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