I have this fetish... I like to see women hanging by their neck and barefoot. I like also to hang myself by my neck and stay there for a while, and when I feel I´m like dizzy, I release the rope and back safe to the ground. Am I the only one?
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I love to hang myself while I jerk off. Sadly I have never had a place to achieve full suspension. Still, as i kneel down and the noose tightens around my throat, the feeling becomes unbelievable. Yes there is pain, but I suffer because the experience is unlike any other. I dangle there for a few seconds, gasping for whatever air my lungs can get in them, gagging as that small amount of air enters my lungs. After a time my **** now has the greatest hard on. I reach down and start *******. My face now turning purple or red, I keep ******* harder and harder. It's became so amazing a feeling that it makes me swing more from the noose. Finally I come. The explosion from my **** is immense, and I come like never before. When I come, my body takes one violent swing from the rope as the coming is so explosive. I then stand up and free myself from the noose. I enjoy the feeling of my ******* and the pain around my neck. Eventually it wears off and I dream of doing it again.

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I have hung myself and been hung by others more times than I can count. It started in middle school and never stopped. My owner / wife and her gf's will put a noose around my neck, tie my wrists and ankles and lift me off the floor. I love the feeling of helplessly hanging there, being strangled and feeling life slip away. So far I have always been let down. But I hope one day that is the way I will die, and by someone else's choosing as to when. Preferably by a woman.

The most erotic thing I can think of as well. I hope someday to die like that, but my feet would be left free to kick for added pathos...

I understand, but I would not struggle at all, I would accept my appropriate fate. At the same time, being bound, would ensure that I am complete powerless and under the control of the superior women who are executing me.


Have you read my blog about the dream I had? You may enjoy it.

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