99% Of The Time I'm Not Even Horny

So if you're reading this hoping to get turned on...forget it. I was just surprised to find this group because my nipples are hard say...60% of the time and of that...90% of the time I don't know it until someone brings it to my attention. I remember the first time someone did was my junior year in high school in 2004 when I was standing up beside my desk doing...whatever. My classmate whose desk was behind mine was facing me (or rather me facing her) and she whispered at me to sit down and leaned forward and told me my nipples were showing and to cross my arms. It was so awkward hearing it from this classmate/friend and I wasn't embarrassed but more like "Really? Oh ****.."

Ever since then I've always wore lightly padded bras because the plain cloth ones show everything like I'm not even wearing a bra underneath. And even the lightly padded ones someones don't help. If you look close enough if I'm wearing a thin shirt...you can see them slightly raised. It's ridiculous and annoying. My husband loves it though, naturally. Ever since we moved in together he got me used to walking around the house without a bra. I NEVER have before. I even used to sleep with one. So at least once a day I'll be walking past him and he'll go "Your nipples are hard" and will attempt to reach out and pinch them. I still feel silly when it happens. It could be 95 degrees with me sweating my nonexistent balls off and engaging in a conversation with a family member and they just go hard.

At times I can feel them without touching or looking at them and others I can't tell unless I cross my arms or something. I'll randomly look in the mirror and see them poking out like nobody's business. I hate it. It'd be different if I was always horny, but I'M NOT! I have people in public who notice thinking that I wanna be jumped on or something but noooooo!

So I'm wearing a sports bra now and just looked down and yup...gettin hard. Now I'm getting pissed off...
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actaully i have an idea its your body just go with it it is NOTHING to be bothered by it IS THE WAY you are go with it

put some band aides over your nipples

Lucky husband or maybe not so lucky! I guess it would be hard not to be turned on!