Keep Them Beautiful And Erect For Him

My nipples get hard with just the slightest touch and NOT just during cold weather. How about...
Its late evening and I'm standing in front of the mirror just finishing getting undressed after our night out.

You come up behind me, put your hands on my shoulders and draw me to you. Your hands move to the back of my slender neck and unfasten the choker I'm wearing and it drops to the floor. You kiss the back of my neck,I unbutton my blouse and easily unhook my bra in front Your right hand reaches around and gently caress my nipples...both are rock hard. I feel your manhood behind me pressing against me. Your hand moves back and forth between my breasts, your fingers circling each nipple. They are about to explode, so hard, so erect.
I lean my head back against you, extending my throat. You left hand comes overmy shoulder and your strong fingers circle my yielding throat. Your hand tightens and I feel my womanhood wet, wet with my love juice. You gently massage each breast, I tremble as I reach my first ******, then my second...I can hardly stand, my legs are weak, my nipples feel like they too will explode. You tighten your strong fingers around my throat and I come again...and again.
You release my throat, and my breasts, reaching down and massaging my womanhood, covering your hand with my sweet nectar. You reach uo and rub my juices into my breasts and nipples. I can hardly stand and you help me over to the couch. Finally I catch my breath, stop shaking and start to relax. You stand in front of me smiling, knowing you satisfied my desires this day.
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Apr 11, 2012