They're For Me!

My nipples are hard, and they are meant for me to play with. I love feeling them under clothing, or through clothing. I love that they are hard spherical nubs.

If others notice, well ... don't you have stuff to play with on your own body? ;)
auroramaru auroramaru
46-50, F
6 Responses Dec 10, 2012

hotrod, i do too ... but i like when i play with my nipples best. ;)

Yes but I also enjoy playing with stuff on others especially nubs that get hard

hereinportland, i should say "thank you," but i did nothing to acquire "my style" ... so perhaps i should say, "hope you're enjoying yourself" ;)

I like your style.

hangingroundl8t, i play with them in an off-handed, sometimes absentminded, manner. if others enjoy watching or looking, that's their issue. i play with them because i like it! ;)

characterback, so what do you offer in trade? ;)