Trying To Find People Who Get What I'm Going Through

I can hardly wait till my insurance is processed..
and I can see a new doctor.
And switch to Natural Thyroid replacement.
I've read stop the thyroid madness and
am convinced that is the way to go.

I'm tired of feeling tired and not being able to depend on my body or my mood.
I'm tired of looking at my reflection and not liking what I see
I'm tired of seeing a swollen version, tired trying to fake not being tired.

I don't feel like myself and I feel like I can hardly desire anything save to getting better.

I try hard to stay positive.
I try hard to count my blessings.
I try hard to keep the faith that this is NOT His will for me.

I want to know about others who are in the same season and with the same frustrations and yet desires to stay hopeful.

Let's connect please
Jenhopes Jenhopes
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

trust me your not alone we few do feel your pain and your tiredness and we too feel forgotten.

Hi. I also feel the same way and want to find more natural solutions to feeling better. I am not religious but I do believe that hope is necessary to feel better. I have to hope that there is a better way to feel and live. I've been trying a gluten free diet and exercise. It's hard when PMS and cravings hit though. What helps to motivate you?