New Mom With Hoshimoto's

So I had my son in sept of 2009. 11 weeks after I gave birth I was dx with ppd. They put me on paxil. I was on that for about 3 months and took myself off of it because of the weight gain. I went to get out back on phentermine about 2 weeks after stopping my paxil and they checked my thyroid. My TSH was 40!! I made an appt with my pcp and she put me on meds and rechecked was 16. They upped my meds was 6...upped my meds was 2.8 upped my meds again and that's where i am at now. I have started having joint pain in all my limbs when I first get's like I'm 9 months pregnant all over takes me a while after I get up to be comfortable again...around my my cycle I lose between 5-10 lbs because I'm feeling sick and anxious. I also have an IUD in and I am wanting to switch back to the pill but have heard a lot of negative feedback about birth control and thyroid issues... I'm ok with taking a pill everyday for the rest of my life...I just want to know when I'm going to feel normal....ever?
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Once you're thyroid is regulated, you'll feel like yourself again, don't worry. It may relapse but if you're patient and positive the meds will do their thing and regulate you. It takes at least a month for the meds to take full effect, so give it that and keep up with your bloodwork.<br />
I don't know who told you that you couldn't take birthcontrol, but my endos actually advised it. and i'm on yaz (also for polycystic ovarian disorder which i recently found out about) and have never had a problem with interactions/side effects (2.5 yrs strong).<br />
Don't give up, keep in touch with your doc and don't stop till you're doing better.

Im sorry to say, you may never feel totally normal again. BUT, it gets better, and good days and bad days happen, even on the meds. Give it time, and I mean a few months on the meds, for it to regulate and notice a difference. HANG IN THERE, it does get better.

My mother was diagnosed with hashimodos diesease about 5 years ago. She has frequent joint pain but the medication she seems to be taking helps her out alot. She also has frequent a friend who had her thyroid completely removed. I dont know first hand but i know my mom has good and bad days. <br />
Hang in there. Ill pray for u.