Here's How I'm Dealing With Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

I was dx with Hash's maybe 4 years ago by my naturopath.  We worked on allergies, gut digestion, balancing hormones such as thyroid, adrenals, ovaries and the pancreas.  Then I found an Ayruvedic nurse practitioner who also worked with me on my autoimmune symptoms-this added more dimension such as detoxing, oil massages, and more Yoga practice.  I eat really well, exercise, etc.-actually I've always eaten pretty well.  With my 3rd baby born in 1984, I had a severe PPD.  In 1999 I had another depression when my alcoholic only sib brother took his own life.  Then I decided to become a mental health therapist-by then (2002) I had had so much therapy, groups, training, and I was also a high school english teacher so it seemed natural to be a therapist, especially since I had an opportunity for a free Master's degree since my husband taught at the school. 
My therapist said not for me to do this because of who I am-I told her I'd take it slow-school went ok but my alcoholic Mom died right before I wasa to graduate-I upped my antidepressant which I started when my brother died and thought I could get away with continuuing on in my career since my kids were grown by then-WRONG!!  Therapist was right!
I did an externship where my spvsr was a different culture and I didn't get paid-clients were very difficult since they were low-income-I had to make $ so I also had a private practice.  Long story short, my body said, STOP!!!  I ended up in hospital day tx with agitated depression-now I couldn't work if I wanted to!
So now I know that especially if we have an autoimmune anything to deal with, that high stress of any kind is NOT good.  It's been about 9 months and I am just now starting to have a few good days and that's on antidepressant!  I'm working with my naturopath to understand and support all my glands and to get the autoantbody numbers lower by balancing my time with fun, rest, social, and spiritual growth!  Not easy when I'm used to driving myself-but no more.
Please tell me what you do to keep your immune system from chipping away at your thyroid, although the doc says that's not really the goal because one could have autoantibodies to the thyroid and have no symptoms and be healthy.
I'd love your comments and stories on Hash's.  Boundary Girl

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Hi Vicki<br />
Im looking for all the same answers as you, and am in regional western australia,(female 53) where I dont even know any one with the same problem, my nearest support group is 400k's away and I can feel myself going down the slippery slope, all I have worked out so far is rest, plenty of it, dont push too hard, and avoid emotional upset (yeah right how the hell do you do that!)<br />
even my naturopath doesnt have any real answers, she suggested coconut oil, take in a smoothy one/two spoons a day) is supposed to help with mental health, weight gain, and is anti inflammatry, but I am struggling with it, (not too nice) she has also recommended living flower essences, some drops call "clarity" and I think they are helping.<br />
Good luck with your journey I hope we find the answers we need somewhere.<br />
Keep in touch:-) ranee