Breaking Down

I am breaking down. I've read some of the posts and don't know how some of have made it through because I can't figure out how to make it through today. This whole started for me about 12 years ago with slight thyroid storms. I would be a liitle low and then a littlE high. My doctor didn't treat it because he said it would balance itself out. There were times where I would be thin, full of energy, live life in every way. Now as the Hashimotos has progressed my life has become a living hell.

I no longer have any energy or patience, have zero sex drive, cry at the blink of an eye, and have no friends. The worst is that this is ruining my marriage. My husband doesn't understand what I'm going through. He does try but is now exhausted. We argue all the time. My Hashimotos and how it affects me has become the subject of my in-laws dinner conversation and jokes behind my back. None of which has been directly been said to me or my husband.

I used to be thin and pretty. Now I'm 20 pounds overweight. I used to work all day and then ride horses. Now I'm lucky if I have enough energy to ride once or twice a week. I used to friends and a social life, now all I do is sleep. I've become a Debbie downer and depressed. Please send me any and all advice. I have An appointment to see a doc from Mary Shomons site but need advice in the meantime.
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Diet has been HUGE in helping me. I am off gluten, soy, corn and red meat. <br />
Honestly, I've only lost a few of the fifteen pounds I gained. But I've switched my focus from trying to look or feel like I did pre-Hashis and just trying to be the best me I can now where I'm at. I realize that I will never be skinny, but I CAN eat food that will make me feel better and have more energy. I eat a lot of veggis, quinoa, greek yogurt and nuts. <br />
Also, eating every 3 hours has helped a lot with my concentration and energy. <br />
Please Please Please do not starve yourself or eat too few calories to try and loose weight! It will NOT help people in our condition at all! <br />
I also suggest supplementing your health care with deep-tissue message, acupuncture, and other homeopathic methods. <br />
At the end of the day, remember that you are NOT crazy. You are NOT lazy. You are working SO hard to overcome this disease and still leave a normal life. Do NOT give up! Allow yourself rest, but still push yourself to occasionally exercise your mind and socialize. There are so many different treatment methods to try. <br />
Explain to your family how you feel. But ultimately the only ones who will truly understand are the people here and God. Vent to Him and us. It. Can. Get. Better.

It has everything to do with what your eating that's the best way to control this disease the best thing I did was by a book put out by dr. Khazzarian I believe that's how you spell it!!!

I am a personal trainer and I have recently gone through the same things you are experiencing. I knew that I had a thyroid issue going on too (because I work with SEVERAL clients who have hypothyroid/hashimotos) but it was a matter of getting a doc to see it. My dad got diagnosed with a gluten allergy two years ago and my family doc said I should try it to see if it helped my digestive issue at all (this was well before I ever though I had a thyroid issue). I did it and it made certain aspects of my life so much better! I will never do gluten again! Now that i have had blood work proving that I am in the early statges of hashimotos, my doctors are playing the waiting game to see how long I can go without getting on meds. In the meantime, I am PETRIFIED about the weight gain. I haven't gained much (maybe 5lbs) and it's because I am a super nut about staying off gluten, soy, most lactose, and eating as many fruits and veggies as I can get my hands on with higher lean protein in my diet. I would HIGHLY encourage you to do so as well if you want to try to avoid further weight gain. There are also supplements out there that you can take, but I would go to someone who practices hollistic medicine for referrals on that. I take Chlorella, L-Glutamine, Pre/Probiotics, Milk Thistle, Cinnamon, and a Multivitamin EVERY DAY. There are also some thryoid blends of supplements out there (but consult with a hollistic doctor first). Best of luck moving forward, and the best advice I can give you is DO NOT give up on yourself. Auto-immune disorders (like hashimotos) are very hard to diagnose and treat and it's up to us (as the sufferer of the condition) to stay on top of things at home and do everything we can do to minimize this condition while our doctors out there are getting better at treating it. Clean up your diet and take charge of your life and remind yourself that you are only given one chance at this life, and you aren't going to let that slip through your fingers!

Aw, I'm sad reading this, and at the same time I know EXACTLY how you feel.<br />
<br />
I'm going for more labs (TSH & T4) and IDK if my doc even understands that there is a connection with Hashi's/Thyroid, and the moods/ fatigue. My fiance just thinks I am batsh*t crazy, I don't sleep, I cry every day, I'm mean, and gaining weight. I'm constantly anxious or depressed.<br />
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Did you end up trying gluten free?<br />
<br />
I hope you can get this sorted out- I don't know why so many people have to suffer like this. Take care, and hugs.

I was put on Nuvigil to help with energy... it helped some

To add to my previous post: I have also heard that diseases like Celiac and gluten intolerance can occur alongside Hashimoto's. You may benefit from trying a gluten-free diet for awhile. It isn't easy to do, but studies show that it can help.

Hashimoto's is a really tough disease, but it is awful that people are making jokes behind your back. That breaks my heart. This is a legitimate medical disorder and people need to respect that.<br />
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I have struggled a lot with my Hashimoto's. I was finally diagnosed a few months ago. I had lost my energy, and I have also gained quite a bit of weight. When you have no energy, exercise is nearly impossible. I know the weight gain is really discouraging too. It is easy to feel like it is your fault, like you are a lazy slob. I know I feel that way sometimes. You have to remember that it is not you, it is your body. You didn't bring this on yourself and the way you feel is not your fault. It is a real disorder.<br />
<br />
I hope the doctor you see can help. I am on stimulants now and that has helped my energy levels a bit. I have the problem of my thyroid being overactive then normal, but not going low. I have heard that those with low thyroid Hashimoto's benefit from taking synthroid, but you would have to talk to your doctor.<br />
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Don't let this disease get you down. Maybe ask your husband to go to the doctor with you so that a doctor can explain this disorder to him. I really hope things get better for you soon. You are in my prayers.