Chronic Hives

This is thie 3rd time I've had hives. First when I was 21 and pregnant with my son they lasted 7 months and doctors wouldn't touch my, the when I was 35 they lasted for 9 months. I went to four different doctors with no releif. One was an allergist who said after 800 skin test that I had allergies (none that she could really pinpoint). The funny thing was that my hives went away before I started getting shots on a weekly basis. She said my thyroid antibodies were 100 times normal, but that was it. I stopped going to her after a year and a half of shots, and tons of steroids that made me gain 35 pounds! I have always watched what I ate and worked out routinely. Now I'm 46 and the hives started back in November of 2010. Well its March now and now the same allergist is now saying that I have Hashimoto's disease. She is sending me to an endocronoligst. So I'm waiting to see for sure, I guess. I didn't think I had any of the other symptons until I read the comments.Over the years I've had weight gain,stiffness,mild depression, low libdio, fatiuge,joint pain and some of the other milder symptons. I was told (and also thought myself) it was that I was getting older. This disease (if it is Hashimoto's) explains alot, because I've always been very active and now I'm just worn out.  My hives have been chronic, they very seldom go away and are very itchy to the point of making my skin bleed because I can't stop scratching. Zyrtec helps a little. I wanted to post my symptoms because I have only seen a few people who have said anything about hives. In the transcripts of Dr. Hashimoto he metions hives as one of the symptoms. I hope maybe that this helps somebody else who might have the same symptoms as I do.

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I have hypothyroidism along with Hoshimotos and Graves Disease. I am 30 years old and I was diagnosed as a teenager. In the past 6 months I developed hives that started January 2014 and lasted 8 solid weeks of no resolution. In march they subsided but just 2 weeks ago my hives are back. I am finally going for allergy testing but I fully expect negative results. I have researched tons about this and just recently I went for my 6 month check up to my endocrinologist who informed me after the blood work was back that my thyroid antibodies were elevated. I have read that if the antibodies are elevated then chronic hives can surface. I go to an acupuncturist who has helped in my relief. He is treating me to pull the heat out of my body and suggested certain foods to help build the immune system. Still the mystery lies into the actual cause of my hive. If I get an answer I will be sure to share. If anyone has any suggestions or can provide their story I would appreciate it because its affecting my whole life.

If your doctor test's your thyroid and tells you "your test results are within the Normal range" and you have symptoms listed in thyroid books; your doctor is probably using the AMA (American Medical Association) standards developed in the 1970's. The AACE organization has & is using new standards which identified that the "Normal" range is a much smaller range. You need to find a new endocrinologist. My endocrinologist took one look at me and said I was a mess. She told me you can't just look at test results you have to also have to treat the symptoms. Each persons body is unique and a one size fits all dosage does not work for everyone.

I have Hashimoto's and have experienced hives since being diagnosed. I have had months between out breaks but never anywhere near 1 year. Mine developed into hashimoto's because I was under medicated for hypothyroidism. I know soy & gluten, calcium are no no's. Soy & calcium block the uptake of the synthroid/levothyroxin; gluten exacerbates the problems of digestion and causes massive flatulence. There are many resource books (the thyroid solution & Dr. Brownstien's books) that will enlighten you but new info comes out every year. Another great resource is web site AACE (American Association of Clinical endocrine-nicians). If you have the thyroid antibodies it means that your thyroid is damaged; so you will have hashimoto's for the rest of your live. There's no fixing it.

I get hives about every ten years. My throat stays constantly swollen. I'm allergic to insaids, but I don't take any pills at all. I'm 33 years old and feel like frankenstein, I get hives so bad hahah. I try make a joke of it, but it just get wat to annoying and itchy thanx for the info hoshimotos. I'm gonna check it out

I started getting hives off and on this year..the worst ones were on my inner thighs and left marks like bruises when the actual hives were gone..I read online that that could be a sign of a thyroid doctor checked and said my thyroid was fine...this was maybe two months ago..I'm still getting hives off and on,none too severe though..and now I think I'm developing other symptoms..I've had some issues with depression lately..and for the last week or two I can't function without an afternoon nap..I feel like I have NO energy..I've never been so 36,I am getting old..but not THAT old

I want to add that I am in total agreement with Jenny231 who posted May 4,2011 about going gluten-free. My husband had chronic hives for around 15 years. He tried everything and went to many clinics and doctors including Mayo Clinic. He followed their advice, took pills, etc but nothing worked. If you read the book called Wheat Belly by William DAvis, a cardioligist you will find the many problems that are caused by wheat. This has only been true in the past 50 years because of the changes in wheat. Also diabetics need to learn what this man writes. It is interesting now to note that Mayo Clinic says wheat causes hives. When my husband went thru all of their tests they only told him he was a healthy man with hives. Now they know.

I too Have had chronic urticaria with angiodema. It all started in March 2011. I was completely covered in hives and no energy felt awful just no energy. Doc gave me steroids cream and anti histamines. Nothing really worked, he also did a variety of blood tests which included thyroid function. My TSH was at 8 and it was reviewed again in August.. By that stage I wondered if there was a connection between the urticaria and the thyroid so the doctor did a thyroid antibody blood test which was conclusive that I had Hashimoto Thyroiditis. i was started on 25mcg Levothyroxin and have now progressed to 75mcg. The hives are going away and I am starting to feel very good again. My brain is also working as normal! My last blood test were normal TSH 0.77 and T4 27 so I am well chuffed. My doctor was great and I thank him for treating me quickly after diagnosis. I also had a food intolerance test done which stated that I should cut out all dairy yeast and eggs for 3 months. It all seems to be going well.

I had unexplained hives as well. My thyroid tests were normal. Biopsied hive and results said autoimmune disease. Went to Hospital for Special Surgery to see Dr. K. Kirou. In five minutes he said he thought I had Hashimoto and there was a blood test for the anitgen. It showed up positive. It could be years before I actually develop Hashimoto.

What do the hives look like I have had some for about 2 months now but they seem to be just on my hands arms and feet.

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I can relate and have figured out how to keep my hives that I was getting just like you because of my thyroid at bay! Detox your body!!! To tell you how I finally came to this point would take up 3 pages on this site!!!!! and it wasn't easy, but I was sick and tired of hives!!! Stop eating anything with GLUTEN,CASEIN (any dairy products, processed meats ect read lables) processed foods, Sugary soda, Only eat fresh veggies, fresh meats, water, unsweet tea, green tea, water,coffee, fresh fruit, rice, potatoes (basically follow the gluten/casein free diet) Once you make this change to your lifestyle, you will notice the hives chilling out around day 3 or 4 as your body is detoxing these things out of your system and be patient through this process it will pay off!! I also add to this a zyrtec every single night before bed when I have exposed myself to a little bit of what I am not suppose to be eating. When I mess up and eat something in my do not eat list esp casein/gluten if I am not completely detoxed of these items I will pay big time with hives, angio edema and will have to re-detox again and stay away from it for a while. If your detoxed you can handle the gluten better than the casein, but the casein is my major trigger for the hives. Before the day I woke up with hives and went through about a year of he** before figuring out what was causing them I wasn't allerigic to anything! This came on all of a sudden. I have been on and off of synthroid because of my thyroid suddenly working and then failing again autoammune issues I guess? I am not sure. My TSH was 8.45 a few weeks ago and I am back on synthroid 50 mcg as before when I went off of the synthroid for about 5 months I was on 75 mcg and that made me hyperthroid as my tsh was 0.02my hair was falling out and I was a mess I told the doctor I wanted off of the synthroid and I wanted my body to just detox and let be for a while. What a roller coaster. I just have to check it more often like every 4 months or so, but I am sure of the one thing you can do to help your hives and that is to follow the Gluten/Casein free diet.

I have had hives for almost 10 months and just now being referred to allergist, which I don't have an appointment until Dec/11. I was recently hospitalized for 3 days for an anaphalactic reaction to nothing (honestly, hives were normal but lips and eyes started swelling and hadn't eaten yet). They did a bunch of blood work and came back and told me my TSH was normal, T3 and albumin were low and that my antibodies were high. So now I am being referred to an endocrinologist (after begging the doctor) but who knows how long that will take. I have found the only thing that helps relieve the itch is olive oil. You can't leave the house cuz you are so greasy and you smell like a salad but the edge is taken off the itch for a little while. I have been researching and everything comes back to thyroid but the doctors think I am crazy!

I have never had hives be a symptom, but if very well could be.