Maybe I Am Crazy Afterall.

I am newly diagnosed but I have had these symptoms for at least 8 years. My antibodies are 3370. I have thought that I am losing my mind over these past years and felt so much relief to get a diagnosis. How could my doctor have missed it? My complaints have been the same : low body temp( 96.0 in the morning), low heartrate ( resting is 47 ), anxiety, depression, panic, hair loss, wrinkly skin, night sweats etc...
I have started on Synthroid 25 mcg and cytomel 5 mcg. No change in symptoms or temp or Hr. I bumped myself up to 50 mcg synthroid 2 days ago ( after 10 days of being on it).
My doctors does not seem to know anything about thisand so I am trying to treat myself. I guess I don't trust her because she just told me to get labs done in 4 weeks. All that I have read says you have to increase the T4 every 10 days until you reach the optimal dose.
So I am doing that without my doctor.
I want the meds to work sooooonnnnn!!!!!!!! I want to feel normal again.
How long does it take the reach the correct dose? How long does it take till you know the meds are working?
What is an normal dosage of synthroid?
Help! LOL

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2 Responses May 12, 2012

I agree with awerren98. I've been on Thyroid meds for 3yrs now, I am now seeing an Endocrinologist who said without a question I have Hashimoto's because my antibody count was through the roof. I am now on 100mcg of Synthroid for 5mos now and starting to feel somewhat normal. My doc told me only take Synthroid name brand due to historically it works better on Hashi patients. I have also started taking Adrenal support a Homeopathic remedy and have seen amazing results.

It can take up to 6mths for your tsh levels to be at the normal level. The common dose is 100mcg of synthroid. However, they start you on a lower dose to build up slowly so you're not shocking your body. I would wait to see what the lab tests say and then have your doctor increase the synthroid if nessesary.