I was diagnosed with hashimoto's 2 months ago. I have been on thyroid meds for over 10 yrs and not really had many problems. I have felt bad a few times when I needed my meds upped but other than that I felt ok. I have felt really bad for several months and didn't know why. Extremely tired very grouchy have been getting antisocial and don't even want to leave my house to go see grandkids.
My throat hurts Have to make sure and chew my food really well or I get choked cause food gets stuck in my throat. I will sleep 10 to 12 hrs and still can't get up to go to work because I am too exhausted so i sleep some more. Have been worried about losing my job. My drs nurse practitioner put me off work but dr says I have to go back to work because we have my TSH in a normal range now. My antibodies are still over 400 but he says since my TSH is normal that I shouldn't be having any symptoms from my hashimoto's anymore.
I just wondered if anybody else had this problem and if it is true that once your TSH is normal you should feel fine or do I need a 2nd opinion. He made me feel like he doesn't believe how bad I feel.
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Thank you. I have an appt. with an specialist Wednesday and will ask him or hopefully I don't have to ask him he will know that himself.

Have your doctor check your vitamin D levels, that can make you feel horrible and tired if they are low. Also, have you doctor check for anemia. Both of these are common with hasimatos.