16 Year Old - Hashimoto's Help!

I'm 16, and I'm a competitive figure skater, dancer and I regularly do yoga and run. I'm in shape, (103lbs/ 5'3) yet I haven't been able to keep up with anyone, and I can't get through a 1 and a half minute dance/skate routine. I'm so tired of my doctor brushing off my concerns. I honestly feel like I'm falling apart. I drink lots of water, eat healthy, and sleep 10pm til 7 or 8 am. My arms are weak/heavy, i get migraines once a month (might be irrelevant since my mom has gotten migraines throughout her teen years, most likely normal), the thought of standing up and walking up stairs actually hurts. I'm lightheaded - always, when i stand up, i get so dizzy that i see lightning bolts in my eyes, and almost faint. I shouldn't be this weak person. I know so many people who eat terribly, get no sleep, drink, smoke, drink no water and they still feel fine. I am honestly doing everything a healthy teen should be doing. I actually couldn't concentrate in school, I'm now in a figure skating program where i skate half day/work the other half, because of the way i felt i couldn't even stay in a regular school environment.
- I had heart surgery to implant a device in my heart to close a hole, just had my 2 year appointment- said everything looks OK.
- Diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroid disease (but my levels are normal now) my doctor said we can't blame these symptoms on it anymore..
I'm confused. I'm weak. I actually have no energy to type anymore, anyone feel like this?
Some people suggested POT's syndrome, Anemia OR Hypotension (low blood pressure)

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Hi, I am having this too but after I started a diet and took some supplements I started to feel much better. So I am taking 20 days per month vitamin A, E, D3,C, Calcium,Magnesium and potasium, Omega 3, and siberian ginseng. You should try and see how you feel. For me it has worked. Hope you will feel better.

I am a figure skater too! I definelty know how you feel, I'm only 19 and I had to quit figure skating because I can't keep up :(:(

hi there. Yeah, i was diagnosed with hashimoto's thyroiditis let's see ... about four years ago. even then i was showing horrible and glaringly obvious symptoms. my then doctor did the same thing your doctor did. said it's at the low end, and that i'm fine. i wasn't fine. i found another doctor, who told me i was just depressed and i should use eye cream, because my eyes were swelling up. feeling like i was dying i went to a different doctor. walked up to the medicine department of a university and asked for an endocrinologist. she took a look at my face, and then at my levels and said "you are showing obvious symptoms. i can tell from your face and how you talk. your thyroid is on its way down, but i will begin treating you".<br />
<br />
so that's my story. please listen to YOURSELF. seek a second or third opinion. you, more than anyone else, know how much you are sufffering. i don't feel 100% either after a year on t4 replacement, but i do have a little bit more clarity than what i had before. <br />
<br />
You're too young to go through this. please don't let yourself be dismissed like that. ask for your mom's help and try and find another specialist. an open minded one. <br />
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best of luck

I'm 14 and a softball pla<x>yer , I feel you! When I wake up after my usual no sleep night I can't stand the thought of getting up & when I finally do I feel dizzy and am just starving as usual. Mucle & joint pains always get me, all the dang time! I was diagnosed a week ago , but my levels for the thyroid are normal so my endroconologist wont give me medicine. I feel depressed and horrible, I feel like a middle aged woman when I'm 14 . Maybe we could email? Its limis60554@gmail.com

To see if it helps I would take a multivitamin and omega 3 and see if you feel a differnce in 2 wks. Get some blood tests for anemia and low vitamin d levels and lyme dieseas. The dizziness is concerning and if you keep having migrains and dizzy spells I would book an appointment to see a neurologist, and possibly get an mri on your head. <br />
<br />
I hope you find the cause, hope you feel better soon.