Having A Hard Time Getting Answers On Hashimoto And How To Treat Symptoms

I found out about 2 years ago. I have left side of my thyroid out. I have been so tired, drained,forgetful, loosing my hair, just really not feeling good, i am sure my family would say I can be a lil on the groucy side sometimes. This week I have been experiencing hives. My skin is so dry and my nails are brittle and dry. My sight is getting worse and I do not know what to do. My Dr.says take levothyroxon and "you'll be fine". Not true, it seems like I am just getting more sensitive to everything. Trying gluten free diet, will see how that goes. To make martyred worse my daughter was told she has it as well. Please help....
terryrenee terryrenee
May 22, 2012