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Well, I have another story in this group (, but it's really long and I didn't want to make it longer by writing about my NDT journey.

I was on synthetic T4 for a long time, and recently got my endo to add in some T3 to see if it helped me any. She lowered my T4 to add in T3 and it made my Hashi symptoms fly all over the map like a whirlwind! I was having great days followed by 3-4 bad days. On T4 alone I was just consistently.."bla".

So I went back after about 2 weeks on the new med combo, because waiting 3 months was out of the question for me. My normal endo was out on maternity leave, so I saw one of the other Dr's at this particular practice. After some back and forth convo, I asked about taking NDT and she said she hardly sees people that feel good on it. I told her I've been dealing with this crap for about 10 years and nothing seems to work, so she Rx'd Armour for me.

I get to pick it up from the pharmacy today and I'll be taking my first dose tomorrow. I'm secretly SUPER excited because my body will be getting a combo of all the thyroid hormones it should be making anyway. Since I was on 75mcg T3 and 12.5mcg T3 - she Rx'd me 1 grain Armour once a day, which is 60 mg and equates to the rough balance of taking around 100mcg T4 and 25mcg T3 combined.

I am very hopeful that it helps with my lingering symptoms and gives me the one thing I've been chasing after for YEARS: energy!!!!

*Update 9/4/12: Today is day 4 on Armour, and I feel my brain fog lifting. I'm also sleeping better, and today especially I feel more content than I have in a while.  I'm monitoring for signs of going hyper since the Dr. told me my previous combo was too high for me - she was going based on my TSH that for some reason dipped low. I'm pretty sure I was having a Hashi attack. So far so good!
*Update 9/7/12: OK, I didn't want to update again so soon as it's only day 7 - but WOW!!! I feel so effing amazing I can't stand it! I don't know what to do with myself. I knew a lot of people feel much better on NDT but I wasn't prepared for this.  I REALLY hope this feeling stays and doesn't drop off after the "honeymoon phase" as I call it after starting new meds or upping a dosage. *fingers crossed*
*Update 11/20/12: Well, my honeymoon phase lasted about 2 weeks then every day after that I got progressively worse. I had requested to increase my dose near the end of September and was denied because my TSH was at .29 last blood test beginning of Sept. So I went almost 5 weeks with getting progressively worse and when I got blood work done my TSH was at almost 7 October 30th. So I am now on 120mg Armour and trying to dig myself out of the hole my Dr. let me fall into.
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I hope you have been able to find a doctor that treats by symptom. If you truly have Hashimoto's the best way is to take enough dessicated thyroid to stop your thyroid from producing any hormone... to stop the swing. You will have a low TSH because your body is not producing any hormones... I am sorry your doctor, as so many are, dopes about this stuff.

What's a "hashi attack" ??

A hashi attack is when your thyroid "dumps" hormone into your body and starts to sort of work correctly. When you are loaded up on thyroid hormones, this can be a horrible swing between going hyper and hypo. Sometimes the swing can last a day...or you can go back and forth over the course of days or weeks. I had awful symtpoms ranging from hyper and hypo both for awhile. When I added in T3, I was going back and forth daily and it drove me bonkers...I was miserable. Once I got on slowly evened out.

Awesome! I've been on synthroid 7 years now and it doesn't help at all, more and more symptoms crop up as time goes by. I'm getting in to see a new doc (NP) as soon as I can, and I'm hoping to try something different to help. Have you had vitamin levels checked, food sensitivities? :)

I have VERY low vitamind D which is common with thyroid problems, and learned about a severe vitamin B12 deficiency, which hasn't been ruled out yet as pernicious anemia. I also cannot digest gluten or casein...I'm unsure about other sensitivities yet. My endo was comfortable Dx'ing me as having celiac based on my inability to aborb vitamins. My very low B12 and vitamin D levels won't budge by supplements my intestines are having trouble.

Definitely talk to your Dr about's MUCH better for your body!