Sept 27

I was just diagnosed with this disease 3 weeks after having my second child. I have been hypothyroid since having my first child. I'm very new to everything I'm reading, however I have been feeling the symptoms now for over one year. Upon being diagnosed, I wanted to cry and scream with utter frustration! Now, I am patiently waiting for my first visit with my endocrinologist on the 27th of Sept.
My symptoms seem to worsen with seasonal allergies. I will sleep like a rock and when morning rolls around I would have to sleep for at least another 5 hours! I felt like an idiot trying to explain to the wrong type of specialist my issues. I was referred to a vocal cord specialist. All the while being told, wow! Your thyroid is sticking right out of your neck.
Most recently, my hair has begun falling out faster, my skin is terribly dry, I have some dizzy spells, and of course I gained back alllll the baby weight I lost plus 10#. My joints have started to just ache, my legs are swollen...I chose to start taking an old perscription of synthroid one month ago to help alleviate some symptoms because I wouldn't be able to see a doc any time soon. I does seem to help.
I hope I remember in all the fog to check back in after my initial appt with the endo.
Thank you for creating a page such as this!!

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Your def not crazy! I often feel that way. We are too young to feel like life is passing us by!

I also am getting a full panel with all sorts of tests, including all the thyroid testing which is a relief. Had the blood drawn yesterday so should find out around Monday as well. Hopefully we will both find some relief. She gave me fluconazole as she suspects a candida overgrowth in my gut and prescribed westhroid based on my past bloodwork. I'm excited to try something besides synthroid, nervous too though. I've been feeling so horrid lately, not sure I could handle feeling worse. I'm taking my first dose tomorrow since my husband will be home. :) I also brought a list, I can never remember anything!! I live off of a planner. Did your doc recommend any dietary changes? She suggested an amylose free diet for me, which is gluten free. It has everything I love on it, but its worth a shot.

How did your appt go?? :)

It went well. I spoke with her about everything I was feeling. (Actually wrote it down before I left my house, I'm very forgetful lately.)
I revealed I began taking an old prescription, and she basically stated I wasn't harming myself in that.
She could visibly see my entire thyroid pushing out my neck.
She ordered a ton of bloodwork to be done. I also asked to have my t3 and t4 levels checked along with my iron and vitamin D levels as well. (Thanks to this site, I never would've asked.) Now I wait til Monday for the results. I'm very curious and almost relieved feeling that she could see something was wrong. All this time I felt like I was crazy.

I've also tried gluten free for the past few days. I'm also thinking my new doctor may try me on dairy free as well.. I've read a lot about gluten and dairy being big immune factors. Not sure what I'll do without either, but it's certainly worth it to feel better! : )

I wanted to mention I went gluten-free last week and felt so good. I woke up without feeling foggy, my stomach bloat went away and my joints felt better. I'm going to eat gluten this week leading up to my appt but am not looking forward to it one bit!

I hope your appt goes well! I'm going to try to make an appt with a new doc on Monday. I have very similar symptoms to you plus several more. : ) I'm 30 and have two little ones, seems to get worse as the years go on. I've seen an endo for several years and take synthroid to no avail. I'm going to try treating my hashimotos to try to help myself. I can totally relate to you, some days I just want to give up! Please update and let us know how it goes! Also, let me know if you'd like to correspond over email to share stories. : )