my son has had a fever for 3 day on top of that I am a diabetic and have hasimotos I hate that I'm always tired and scents my son has been sick I haven't been able to sleep well I feel like a zombie all I want to do is be able to take care of my son when he is sick in stead I'm sooo tired And trust me I would give my son my last breath I just wish God would hear my prays and help me get better so I can be the mother I used to be to my son I love my son with all my heart I feel for all the mothers out there who go through this with there hashimoto
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Yes it is awful, it was for me too and it took an year to accept that I have this disease and I will live with it for the rest of my life. So after I started to feel normal again because of the treatment I am taking and the food I am eating, I don't feel that depressed anymore. Of course I am having maybe 2 or 3 bad days per month but it's ok . So if you want to try my diet and treatment ,which it's all natural, write to me and i'll tell you all you have to do and hope you'll start feeling normal again.

Yes I would realy appreciate it i want to try your diet .i just want to start having more good days .

ok. So , I am avoiding anything that contains sugar, if you want somethin sweet try a little bit of honey or artificial sweeteners but do not exagerate. I quit coffee about a year ago and I feel better without it, much better, try eating from 3 to 3 hours small meals and as healthy as possible. Junk food is bad for you when I was eating junk food I did not feel well. Eat a lot of fruits, fresh juices and raw vegetables. Avoid fat diary and anything that contains a lot of fat. Now let me tell you the supplements I am taking - 15 days per month - Calcium, Vit. D, Vit. A, Vit. c 1000 mg, B complex, vit. E, Omega 3, and especially curcumine it is very good for you and will help you a lot. Of course take selenium and if you do not have energy take vitamin complex 1 every day for 10-15 days every month. And if your antibodies are high and even if they are not,take ACAI BERRY because it helps a lot in autoimune diseases and it helps you lose weight if you need. You will see a change in a few weks maybe sooner and I promise this will help you. If you have anything to ask, I am here. kisses

And I forgot to tell you something about gluten intolerance. If you feel kind of bad after a meal or a product with gluten you should do the gluten intolerance test because many of the persons that suffer from hashimoto's have gluten intolerance. And quiting it it's a great relief and will make a big difference.

I hear ya. About four years ago I remember lying in my bed crying, because I was to tired and sick to go out to the living room and watch them build forts and play. I just listened to them and cried. I hear you. hassimottos is awful

I'm just hoping this disease will get better cuz its starting to affect the ones I love all we can do is have faith that its going to get better