Hashimotos Is Evil!

After having my daughter at 16, I was hospitalized for a couple differnt things, including hyperthyroidism. At my follow up it was hypothyroidism. After 2 years of back and forth and doctors telling me how "weird" it was that I was jumping back and forth, a smart doctor told me I had hashimotos. Didn't think much of it since I didn't have to bad of symptoms so I just got in touch with an endocrinologist who about after a year said it was time to get on levothyroxine. Still not suffering from too terrible of symptoms, I started the meds. Symptoms went totally away. Well when I got turned down from the coast guard because of my need for the pill, my stupid stubborn *** had some thing to prove. "I don't need medication." Three weeks later my skin is so dry it hurts including my lips. I'm acting emotional and irrational. My muscles and joints ache terribley. Sleeping nonstop. And as i write this I am sitting in my bathroom pukeing up all the water I have cosumed (only thing I have consumed) since my mouth has been so dry. Well the moral of my story is, you have hashimotos. Not something to brush off or take lightly. Its not cancer but it is still to be taken seriously. I
As for me, I took a pill this morning and I can't wait til tomorrow to get more of that hormone in me. :)
asherbees44 asherbees44
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013