Anyone Else Get Chest Soreness With This Disease?

I have had this disease since 2002 and my meds change throughout the years, I am not on 195 mg of Armour Thyroid a day, they lowered it from 240 recently. The point is there seems to always be chest soreness when my condition acts up. I'm a male, so it's already rare for me to have this disease.

Costochondritis is something I have been diagnosed with early on and it flares up from time to time. The thing is, I always get pain in my chest and it causes a lot of anxiety, this is something I've dealt with for over 10 years now, it even got to the point that I have gotten stress tests, EKG's and Echocardiograms. I'm 30 years old now, was diagnosed when I was 20, and it's been rather tough working and dealing with all the high anxiety and depression and other issues.

It would make me feel a million times better if I knew other had this same type of problems and pain/issues.

Thank you.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Dude, im a 30 yr old male and ws diagnosed last year. Not given any meds yet brcause my tsh is within reason...but my antibodies were pretty high. I get the chest pain..both sides. I also have anxiety issues. I alsi have no motivation to go to the gym anymore. Did you see any positive results by using the thyroid drug or did u feel the same?

Hey I have hashimotos too, and male 31 . I have a lot of pain issues as well especially the costrocondritis. Your not alone my friend. Have low t too which I gues is from the hashimotos. It's very frustrating that no doctor ever cares about your symptoms