Struggling With Hashimoto's, But Never Giving Up

My story starts like most of yours. I was starting to feel very bad all of a sudden without being aware that I have a medical condition. I was doing a daily workout that had a high level of difficulty so I started o feel shortness of breath. After a few weeks I stopped it because I thought it was too difficult for me. My mom is a doctor and I told her about my problem and she suggested that I should do my analisys , including the antibodies- they were 10 times higher than the maximum.
And the nightmare began. I started to have heart palpitations all of a sudden, panic attacks, I couldn't breathe well and felt like I had a weight on my chest and went like at least 7 times in 2 hours to bathroom. I forgot to mention I had a copper iud put on a few months before it all started. I have noticed the pannic attacks stopped after removing it. It was like a copper poisoning....
I used to eat one or two meals per day and I was drinking cofee in the morning and occasionally chocolate and sweets.
I finally went to the doctor and being at the third doctor, I found out I shouldn't be even "close" to coffee, chocolate and beverages like red bull, and of course avoid sugar , especially the refined one. The other restrictions I am respecting , I found out on my own. I will share them with you, hoping they will be of much help for you.
So ACAI BERRIES are great antioxidants and they are reccomended in autoimune diseases, L-GLUTAMINE is also very important, Omega 3, Vitamin D, A, E, also very important is taking daily 1000mg of Vitamin C, of course SELENIUM is helping the tyroid a lot and Calcium is very helpful. Multivitamins should be taken 10 or 15 days every month . Concerning the foods, you should eat as healthy as you can, without any sugar, fast food, sodas, and If possible at least for 3 weeks gluten free food.
A great site to learn from is
I really hope this will help you.
kristen78 kristen78
Jan 17, 2013