I was just diagnosed with hashimoto's my TPO is 3300 and my Tg was <5, does anyone else have these levels? I can never get warm and have a lot of joint pain. I don't do well in the heat and burn easily, does anyone else have these issues?
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Hi Jung,
I am 42 y.o. and have been with hypothyroidism since I was 19 like you! But in my case I just was diagnosed after 17 years suffering and just 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. Being in a very special diet and not loosing weight was also a bitg issue for me. I always have been symptomatic even taking Thyroxin. I went from 150 mcg to 300 mcg in winter! I had a miserable life with all 11 symptoms of this illness. So even taking Thyroxin and visiting my Endocrinologist, one of the head Doctors at Melbourne Royal Hospital, I do know what is to be living with no energy at all, joints and muscle pain every night, especially in the winter, arthritis, sleeping disorders, depression, anger, sadness, day by day irritability, LOW BRAIN FUNCTION, which is so hard to have in a World where you are most forced to think to survive and sometimes to be happy by expressing life through creation and being productive. And as a auto-immune disease person I started to suffer from large intestine huge pain by developing irritable bowel syndrome. No one would want to get this level of auto-immune thyroidits! I was 13 times in patient to take morphine for this pain. A part from the fact that I also have lower back discs degeneration.
I acknowledge that my life had some improvement after following a strict diet 100% free of gluten, caw milk and dairies and cane sugar which is the most important step a Hashimoto's sufferer can make in food exclusion. Also an alkaline diet, low sugars diet (Low GI), changing in old habits like excessive caffeine for example. An auto-immune disease people have their large intestine walls sick and more permeable and all bad thing or rubbish which shouldn't get the blood stream poisoning our body will be there worsening our health and it has also a hole in gaining weight. I have another very important diet for Hashimoto's people and feel free to message me or even call me (0402152399) and I will pass it on to you. It was great for weight however still I had the main symptoms of this horrible illness that takes our life and will to live away. For example, cow milk and derivatives have the casein protein which is responsible also for our low brain function. In America a big research showed that Autistic children got improvement in their mental behaviour after being excluded from casein protein. My words would not finish here in this matter as there is so many more important details about it.
However, even into such a diet and knowledge of information I never have been with a 100% normal life or plenitude to live. Always some desirable level of energy was missing, some strong pain at night, days of brain impairment, etc... Until I came across to a Swiss Lady who lives in Portugal and was completely healed from her years of Hashimoto's and like us was feeling sick after thyroxin intake and strict diet. She visited Casa de Don Inacio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil where the famous Medium John of God works helping to heal humanity.
After I decided to visit this place not just my health is perfect now but I had an amazing shift in consciousness which changes completely the way I see life. A deep happiness and peace is inside of me. I can now be in deep contact with my inner being after visiting this place where many good gifts and surprises came across my life.
I decided to work for the cause of ill people and I am sharing my experience and also the opportunity for you to visit Casa de Don Inacio de Loyola and John of God in Brazil through my website bellow.



I am here and also in many different forums and blogs in the internet to share information in the attempting of helping people who are walking in the darkness and not just for the purpose to take people to Casa de Don Inacio. I hope I can help.