Ever Heard of Hashimoto Encephalopathy

I have hashimoto`s encephalopathy. Also called stroid responsive encephalopathy with autoimmune thyroiditis (sreat syndrome). It is a disease that makes you fell like you are having a stroke. Or thinking problems or aphasia (speech problems) or  weakness on one side of your body if you do go to autoimmuneencephalopathy.org. I do have thyroiditis my TPO was 444 when I was diagnosed after thousands of mg. of prednasone it is around 100 now. check out autoimmuneencephalopathy.org If you have hashimoto`s thyroiditis with these symptoms.

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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in 1992 and have been on .175mcg since 1993 when I stopped producing antibodies as my immune system had ended the life of my thyroid. This last weekend I was hospitalized with having a TIA when my I spoke with words no one could understand and my right arm was numb and I was unable to recognize it as my own. I have been released now with a plethora of presc<x>riptions for preventing a stroke and then I see this article concerning HE and now I am wondering if I am chasing the wrong issue. I know my TSH was 235 when I was in the hospital because the neurologists were flipped about that number when it should be 10 or less. They did indicate that the thyroid was the cause of my TIA and feel that getting that back into check along with other meds for cholesterol, tryglicerides etc. should help prevent another occurrence. I am just concerned that we will overlook something as it took me over a year to convince someone to take a simple blood sample and diagnose my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

Hello there,<br />
I am new to this site. i have been diagnosed with HE last dec 2009, it started with a stroke. have had very bad side effects and symptoms so bad that i really want to forget and hopefully to start from the begining again. it's been so long and it doesn't feel this way. it is as if i live in my own little world.<br />
i want some answers, did we do something and we got the HE? <br />
i live in cyprus, have been to 1 nevrologist been thru therapy i feel better but i caught my self not live the present if u know what i mean. it's me and the world, i feel that i'm not included in it.<br />
will i have HE for ever? <br />
<br />
Thanks for listening

I'm not the original poster, but I have HE/SREAT too. I didn't know I had the thyroiditis until I got diagnosed with the HE (it took 9 neurologists and 7 years!). So, I'm not sure how someone with established thyroiditis gets their HE/SREAT confirmed. I would think it involves going to a neurologist who has heard of HE and who takes your complaints seriously. The doctor who diagnosed me was a movement disorder specialist, because I had ataxia from the HE.<br />
I wanted to respond to your post because my neurologist has two other HE/SREAT patients, and we ALL have muscle twitches and fasciculations! So, it's not just the brain fog and other neuro symptoms. I would encourage you to get checked out by a good neurologist. If you get dismissed by one, just move on to another- it took me a whole bushel to find out why my mind and body were falling apart!

I have autoimmune thyroiditis my last test was 1085 however my TSH was only mildly elevated @ 16 and my T4 was normal. ( which since I've increased my synthroid by 25 mcg) Any how the reason I comment is because I have been having neurological problems with my muscles. At first my PCP thought I had a bulging disc which at first my MRI was normal, but I still had these wierd sensation in my arm (numbness,tingling,burning, wierd pain). My Dr gave me prednisone and I felt alot better until the dose tapered down to 10mg then it felt like my symptoms were on steroids. Long story short and a year and half later my arm and neck are ok so long as I get cortisone shots. But my other muscles are like deteriating. I feel like I'm 80 yrs old when I wake up in the morning. And all my EMG studies are abnormal and I have muscle fasculations. Which my neurologist said was caused by my mild hypothyroidism which was only a TSH of 16 with a normal T4. And after being on the increased dose for 7 wks, I still feel like I did a year and a half ago. How exactly did they diagnose you? Because in the past year my eye sight has gotten bad as well as my memory and cognitive skills.....