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i went to the doctor because my hands were always going numb and found out that i am hypothyroid.  another doctor noticed my goiter and diagnosed me with hashimoto's.  i am not sure why it scares me so much, because it so common and many people seem to do very well with treatment.  i think it is just the idea of having an autoimmune disorder and being dependent on pills for the rest of my life.  googling has become my worst enemy from whom i can't seem to get away.  i started on the thyroid replacement therapy several weeks ago and have since developed some breathing problems where i can't seem to get enough air in my lungs, but always feel the need for a deep breath.  my body temperature fluctuates like crazy going from 98 to 94 in an hour.  i am joining this group in hopes to just connect with some people who are going through the same thing, or have had a lot of experience with this disorder. 

i now think twice before eating anything.  i used to be a runner but now can't get out of bed in the morning and have so much trouble breathing when i exert myself.  i guess i am just wondering if this is all part of the adjustment to the medicine? do T3 and T4 levels fluctuate throughout the day so dramatically?  do they decline before the next dose?  i was told that taking the hormone at the same time every day outsde of several hours of eating should keep levels the same throughout the day.  however i notice that 4 or 5 hours before my next dose i crash, get very cold, and can't stay awake.  is that normal?

khunbal khunbal
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My theory with the breathing issue is that since the endocrine system regulates every organ in your body including digestion, it is important to eat smaller meals throughout the day with very low carbohydrate intake. Do you notice that your breathing is better in the morning before you eat? Is it difficult to breathe after a meal? Does your heart race after eating carbs? <br />
"My motto has always been, I cannot digest and do physical activity at the same time." <br />
If I eat protein I seem to do better throughout the day with my breathing and digestion.<br />
For example: This morning I ate hash browns with my breakfast.....I know the consequesnces...but I did it anyways.....now two hours later I cannot take a full breath in, my heart is racing, and my stomach hurts......I am paying for a bad decision.<br />
The other aspect of breathing issues are if your cysts/nodules are more on the back side of your thyroid or on the front side.....this causes one to choke or you may have pressure on your windpipe. Reducing your carbohydrates will help reduce the swelling that occurs from the disorder. I have also been using Beinwell-Salbe Mit Vitamin E from Germany to see if it will reduce the cystic activity on my thyroid. I rub it on my neck once or twice a day & It is noticably smaller after a week and a half.....but not gone....so we will see.

I was also recently diagnosed. The symptoms are many and I am impatient to wait for the pill to really begin to work. Like khunbal I use to be a runner for many years. However, muscular and other problems keep me at a struggle to even walk on most days. Erratic fluctuations of symptoms continue and without much noted pattern. Wish no one else had to go through this.