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I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago with Hashimotos........and while I am not glad to have found out I have an autoimmune disorder, I am so thankful to have an explaination to all my symptoms.  The past 8 to 9 months I have had a roller coaster of doctors, meds, and just plain thought I was going CRAZY!!  I am a healthcare professional and KNEW something was going on with my body, and I am so disheartened at how I was treated.  After being told it was all stress related and yada yada yada by several different doctors, I kept pushing til I got the answer.  It hasn't been fun or easy, but I feel like I need to tell EVERYONE...listen to your body and be your own ADVOCATE!!!

My hair was falling out, I felt like crap all the time, heart would race daily, acne on my back and face, moody, depressed, anxiety and each month I felt like I had a new symptom.  I had no IDEA what your thyroid really was capable of doing to you if not working properly.  I have since educated myself and with my Endos suggestion, started Synthroid.  It had been about three weeks of treatment and I am slowly feeling like myself again.  The good thing is in the last 8 months I have been checked from head to butt literally with all the docs I have seen, the bad is that I have learned that Hashimotos is not so black and white and can be challenging to manage.  I am just going to pray and trust in the Lord, and know he will never put more on me than I can handle.  Life is a journey and it was never promised to be easy and without problems, and we must grow and learn from each experience and keep our heads and hearts up!

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Has anybody been taking Armour Thyroid for Hashimoto's ? I wanted to take the natural medicine, but my naturopath said for some people the natural meds don't work because the antibodies attack what they think is thyroid tissue, and that is what the Armour med is. Any way, I feel for anyone with this problem. It is an insidious disease.

I'm on armour thyroid after being on synthroid and it is working great!

just wanted to let you know that after 4 years of being on sythroid and then all of a sudden not being "leveled out" and feeling like crap, I tried Armour (bc it's more natural).....went back and got levels tested few months later, and come to find out, the Armour was not being absorbed AT ALL.. I have now found a wonderful doctor that actually listens to me..now I'm leveled out at 125mcg of synthroid and 3000iu of Vit D3 (D deficincy was one of the causes of me feeling like crap constantly). This is the best I've felt in the last 5years :). Diagnosed with Hashi's in 2004, Vit D defincincy this year. My advice is to just pay attention to how you're feeling.....you know your body better than anyone :)

I am just going to address the hair loss in my reply... I used to lose my eyelashes, but lately, it is only my hair and only when I eat gluten or use hair color. After I color my hair, I cover my scalp in olive oil over night. Yes, it looks greasy and gross, but it stops the irritation and my hair loss stops.

First thing I always suggest to anyone with hashi's is to quit gluten. Gluten and stress will increase your hashi antibodies. Not a little quit... full out 100% quit gluten. Give that at least a month and see what happens. It surely can't hurt. Good luck.

Hi, I am having this too but after I started a diet and took some supplements I started to feel much better. So I am taking 20 days per month vitamin A, E, D3,C, Calcium,Magnesium and potasium, Omega 3, and siberian ginseng. You should try and see how you feel. For me it has worked. Hope you will feel better.

Hi buffer,reading yr story I have so much feeling,I have all the symptom that u had ,my tsh it's 3.79,t3,t4 are normal,i am taking synthroid for a week with 25mcg ,seems not working,would you tell me yr tsh number and the dosage u are taking?I really hope I can find myself back,just like you....looking forward yr response,thank u

I would be weary of calling a drug a cure all...aren't any of you the least bit curious WHAT CAUSED this so called "disorder"? Consider that the food we eat has been tainted!! Read "wheat belly" for an understanding on how wheat has been modified to change the entire structure of it (our ancestors did not eat the wheat, flour, white bread, etc. that we eat today)

My brother has all the symptoms here that everyone else has, I know its rare for a Male to have Hashimotos Diease, He also has NOT sweated in well over a year, his Body Odor is so massive especially after he takes a shower and he now sprays lysol on his body so he does not smell and believe me when I say you can smell him 20 feet away, when he takes his shower he is basically washing off the lysol that keeps the smell in, he also had his nose last July just seal shut and has been spraying Afrin it like 4 times a day and this happened all at once and he NEVER had allergys ever and the Dr. told him it was allergys but its not its the same no matter where we stay and now he sleeps in a broke chair on the floor because he cant lay down.......AND his neck was 1/2 the size of a softball, then it wraped around the back of his ear and then the other side of his neck and now on his forehead....All this after his head was like rounding, All his tests come back normal and he went to a free hospital in L A in Jan and seen a dr. who refered him to tests that are not set until the end of May, pffff, he still had a appointment with his flako Dr. at the beginning of March that was set from last Sept so he still decided to go to his doctor that cost $65, he mentioned to him that his brother "me" found out he may have hashimoto, the Dr. told him he has to go the hospital NOW and told him he cant help him no more and then only charged him $12, my brother told him he had a appointment at the end of May and he said you wont make it that long....... I cant my brother to go to Arrowhead where they have the best Trama doctors in the USA, he keeps saying he is waiting until the end of May, my brother is massively rappedly deterioating in front of my eyes, He and I both know now that he has had this since he was at least a teenager, he has always had memory problems and I had to ask him stuff twice for him to hear, now its like 4 to 6 times before he hears me, his memory is failing fast and furious, He has everything else, fluctuating high blood pressure and Diabetis, hair lose, gets aggitated easy, he cant remember hardly anything anymore.....he is 50 years old now.......I watched my mom and dad deteriate and die but nothing like this....I am almost at the post of suicide because I cant take this anymore, he just dont seem to care about it, his neck starts at his chin and goes straight down and all around his side and it looks bigger than a football pla<x>yers, you would all completly chit if you saw it, I only seen a few people say there thyroid is swollen a little, his years ago use to be swolled a little but now, wow its probably the biggest anyone could have since I see no one mention this, I just with there was a way I could talk him into going now not in 1 1/2 months, he has waited 3 months already but I dont think he is going to make it..........any advice would be great TY

Ty.... first of all u sound like a wonderful brother trying to care for ur brother! His condition sounds complicated and sounds like he needs many interventions! I will keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers. If it were me I would get him to the ER and maybe they can help til he gets to his next doc appointment. Just don't give up and keep persevering. God Bless!

I am going to try to make this shorter, My brother has always said out of the blue over the last 30 years I dont feel good and when I ask whats wrong he says its hard to describe, now starting 3 years ago he only had his thyroid about the size of a golf ball on the side of his neck, this is when he got in this pattern of sleeping 18 hours a day from exhaustion from doing not much of anything, he would go out for 2 hours and have to come back and sleep, he would buy a lot of food then only eat 1 little thing and throw the rest away, he lost about 40 pounds in 3 months, when we drove from here to Nevada he couldnt even make it 100 miles without having to poop and a lot of times he didnt make it, the doctor gave him high blood pressure medicine and he really went bonkers and the Dr. put him on more and more and more and his blood pressure stayed at 180 until he finally said F it and went back to his 1st one and its been down to around 130 to 155, then about 2 years ago he had a lower intestine blockage and the twitch at the hospital said this happens instant
and I told her its been happening for the last few weeks and she pretty much called me stupid when she wasnt there, the diahriahs got closer and closer until he stayed on the toilet and thats when I call the peramedics, then Jan last year he sliped on Ice and landed hard on his back and its been messed up since, 6 months later he went to back doctor and he said how could you not feel you back fused together thats its been like this for many many many years, he never had a problem, funny that years ago he would always tell people when they ask him to help move something that the dr. told him not to lift over 30 pounds when he NEVER went at that time almost like his body told him, then anyways FYI we been living in motels for the last 4 years, then last June my brother kept diariah instead of farts and he keep saying the were farts but they wernt and afte a week his bed got so bad of smell as we pass on made service, it was like living in a toilet and he just kept sleeping in the bed and I kept asking him how he could stand it, I toild him I was leaving I cant stand it, after 5 more days the bed was so so so bad and it was that exact time that he started using bretherite strips, DONT EVER use those if you have hashi please, his nose swelled way up, he didnt have problems breathing he just bought them at the 99 store and thought he would try them, That dat is when he then started having his nose seal shut and he started using Afrin, NEVER start it F;s U up more, it got to the point he was using it like 4 or 5 times a day and the in Nov. he went to St. Mary, my brothers thyroid was by last Nov. the size of 1/2 orange and the dr. there said your said your thyroid is normal and here is some thyroid medicine to take, My brother said wait why would you give me medicine when my thyroid is normal, then the dr. said never mind I wont give you a prescritpion, when he got back I said the same thing, why medince if it was fuctioning normal, thats when he decided to go to USC in Jan 2012, they checked him told him to have a scan at the END of MAY, he still had appointment with old dr. was a waste that dr. just dont care, Thats when I started researching why that Dr. at the emergency wanted to give him medicine when his thyroid was fuctioning normal even those the size, over the last 2 months his neck has now swelled on the other sidewraps around the back of his head and looks to be on the top of his head, I use to ask him things twice before he heard NOW I have to ask like 5 or 6 times and then no matter what comes up its always my fault even if we didnt talk, example I said you had a customer in a real rush for this and he would say I forgot because all you did is yell at me yesterday and I said do you remember I slept all afternoon then you went to ur bank, store and movies and we never talked, WOW, Im serious he cant remember stuff we talked about 30 minutes before either, he go to stores to look around for 3 hours in 1 store, he always hated going in any store now every day he has to go to any store to look for hours on end then goes to the cheap movies, hes been kissing off his work and when I try to help he just gets upsets and starts arguing, ive been doing all his stuff the last year because of his back, I dont get NO money or nothing for helping, I dont even get a Thank you, Im thinking the only way for him to get help is if I just walk away, he would lose what few clients still call him and he would be outta work which is almost gone anyways, Im at the end of my ropes, I have no idea what to do anymore, I have to wait until he colapses, its only a matter of time and then I'll call for help, I just wonder if I should call the the mental doctos but he will lose his business being in there even 1 week, and also FYA, it takes me awhile to get outta bed and straighten up as I have major medical issues to deal with also, so when I say he cant fuction to work and I have to thats just how bad it is, ive had suicidal thoughts the last 4 years off and on but the last months have been bad, any suggestions would be nice, I thhink I should call the nut doctors on him, he is detoeriating at a rapid pace

I did not read through all of the post but I would like to know if anyone has had hashimotos for a long period of time and has experienced periods of being mostly back to normal and then back to the hellish struggles?? If so, what have you noticed that has caused the relapse? I am really curious here. Seems this is a problem of our immune systems. So maybe it is something we are consuming that is really hard on our bodies...such as GMO food. From what I understand there was an increase in autoimmune diseases back in 2001 when GMO food was introduced. I guess I am specifically curious to finding out if there are similarities in our diets that may cause this relapse, or if there are certain foods that cause flare ups? Also I was wondering if anyone has correlated a certain amount of stress in their lives to a flare up?? Since stress wreaks havoc on the immune system. It is also very interesting to me that synthroid seems to work for some and not at all for others. Anyway, please keep me informed on any commonalities you may observe. Thank you!

I was just diagnosed in July of last year, but I know I have had it for over five years ago. I know because I had high test for inflamation five years ago. I was told I had stressmyalgia. Anyways, I do notice when I eat pizza especially I have flare ups of joint pain and bloating. I thought it was the tomato causing it. I have ruled that out since it hasn't happened when I eat other foods with tomato. I am strongly leaning toward gluten causing this. I have recently started gluten free and I am feeling better.

It is so frustrating that they aren't researching the hell out of this. F*cking pharmaceutical companies and the Food Industry with all their Gluten... It's bull. :( I was just disgnosed with Hashi's too. And it sucks. I am just starting on Synthroid and going gluten free.. hm.

I'm so glad to hear about someone else going the holistic way. I just signed up for a consultation. It costs $197 out of pocket and then who knows what else it will cost. Because of insurance HMOs and all that garbage, they pigeon hole doctors in treating people the same and not looking at a person as an individual with their own unique set of problems. FOr this reason, people are misdiagnosed, mistreated, and ultimately given remedies for only symptoms and not the root of the problem. For example, now you have depression - a SYMPTOM of thyroid problems. So let's give the patient Zoloft! Great. Still not solving the root of the problem which is the thyroid. It's a shame that insurance will not pay for a solution that REALLY helps the patient. I'm so sick of all this medical insurance crap I feel at times it's not worth having it. OH well, i hope this Dr. can help me the natural and holistic way. I'll keep you all posted!

It has been a while since I posted my story, so I just wanted to give an update. I am so sorry for all of you suffering with thyroid problems. Since I have been diagnosed with Hashi's, I have learned so much and been through a lot! Recently I found a doctor who uses a holistic and modern approach to treating his patients. I have been on Synthroid and still had symtoms and felt like crap all the time. My endo would not listen to me...so once again I went looking for different answers. This new doctor tested my thyroid, my female hormone levels and some other things. I am now on dessicated thyroid hormone (Naturethyoid) which gives you t3 and t4, I am taking progesterone a week out of each month (I was a little low on progesterone), I am on many supplements that I was deficient in and also found out I was low on DHEA and Pregnendolone. He is monitoring these very closely and when my levels get to where they need to be then I can go off of some of them.<br />
Through all of this I have learned that the thyroid is the control center for a female and when it goes haywire, it takes a toll on the WHOLE BODY. We must get everything back in balance for our bodies to function properly. It is a LONG,GRUELING journey, but keep pursuing answers when you are not feeling right. We know our bodies and must listen to what it is telling us. Well wishes and prayers to all who are suffering. God Bless!

Also, my new doc took me off gluten. I had a sensitivity to it, and I must say that with all these changes I am feeling a lot better! Holistic is the way to go!!!

I have dealt with some thyroid type symptoms for about 4 years. I kept getting told I was fine. Then one time my thyroid showed very slight signs of hypothyroidism. I was put on synthroid and then was told all was fine again. Still no relief from any symptoms. Finally saw a endo who said the same. Now saw a pharmacist who specializes in female hormones. She ran all the necessary tests and bam....my immune system is attacking my thyroid. I wish I had known this 2 years ago when ALL my hair feel out in a matter of months. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced that. I was 38 and had the most beautiful, thickest enviable hair ever. And in a matter of 2 months, it was all gone...EVERYWHERE. This past year I then gained 35 lbs (was 120 my whole adult life). I'm tired ALL the time. Anyway, I heard even with this, many people still suffer symptoms because doctors tend to just treat the symptom and not the problem. I have since made an appt with a Dr. who claims to look at everything and I have high hopes. If anyone wants to know more or have me update you, I will. I'm so hoping my hair will come back and that it is related to this. But I'm not so sure I've ever heard of anyone who has lost ALL their hair from this. Plus, i keep thinking it's been so long now that the damage is likely irrevirsable. I sure hope not. my life has been a social nightmare ever since and I don't do much of anything anymore.

I also have hashimotos ,in was diagnosed 2 yrs ago,and just this last week my tsh became normal yay! My hair has been coming out in clumps but the last 2 weeks it has stopped falling out! So there is hope.

Hey, <br />
<br />
My doctor says I have hashimoto's because I have thyroid antibodies. I used to be right into<br />
sports but it became to hard. They don't want to give me thyroid replacement meds because <br />
the other levels are normal. I played state rep contact sport, can you manage this enough that it's <br />
possible to play at that level again? I am only 20 years old, been sick for about 4 years.

You should go see an Naturopathic doctor who can prescribe some supplements. Also try and get someone to give you Amrour THyroid as well. Also key is a drastic diet change:

Hi there, after many years of doctors telling me I had anxiety,or panic disorder, or agoraphobia, as well as to see a psychiatric. Dealing with aches and pains in my hips, crazy migraines, feelings of losing my mind.Crazy weight loss, losing my hair.Heart palpitations, tachychardia. I was finally diagnosed with Hashi's. Wow. No one can prepare you for what a roller coaster it is to try and get your levels right so that you feel good. I've had my synthroid dose changed multiple times. I completely trust my endo. He is wonderful. But I have days where I feel good and then Bamm, I am a wreck, crying, heart racing, palpitations, exhausted, out of breath. It reassuring to see other people deal with the same issues and know there is hope.

I'm not sure if you're still posting but I have a lot of your symptoms especially the anxiety (severe), tachy, weight up and down...I'm just 6 months into being diagnosed with Hashis. I was a totally different person prior. My endo took me off synthroid because I felt so crazy after 3 weeks being on it. I'm on a beta blocker now and xanax as needed for anxiety. I don't want to take xanax just to function and it doesn't really help. I take it just to get through work. I'm depressed now because of all of this and constant mind fog. Is your synthroid working? Does it make your hands tingle? I was dropping everything and ached all over. Once I was off my synthroid my aching joints went away. I was only on 25 mcg. I'm terrified to take it now. I don't want to go on antidepressants because I have never been depressed until now! My situation is depressing me. I am truly frightened. If anything has helped you please let me know. You are the first post out of hundreds that are close to my symptoms. I feel so crazy and hyper more than tired. Some days I crash but the anxiety is still there. I hate leaving my house now because I'm afraid I'll have an "attack". Driving is almost impossible and I drive for a living. My job is at risk. Please help!!! I'm 36 and really want my life back. Thanks!

Google hashimoto diet food list--- diet is key as well to decrease immune issues.
You should see a Naturopathic doc if possible.

Hello. I am 24 years old. I have Hashimoto's disease for years. I have been on synthroid 88mg for years as well. Recently over the last few months I have acquired a terrible form of anxiety. It began to ruin my life. I had no idea where it was coming from and panic attacks happened every day. There was literally a point where I thought that I was dying, and even if I continued to live, that I would end up dying alone. I began doing research, even though it was insanely hard. I found that Progesterone levels can be low in females who have hashi's, and testosterone can be low is males. This can cause all sorts of problems. I would recommend getting your levels checked. I have a testing tomorrow, and I pray that this helps me. God bless.

Google hashimoto diet food list--- diet is key as well to decrease immune response

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I have hashimotos and levels are good , then high, then low... it is like a roller coaster. Now my blood pressure is creeping up, my vitamin D is really deficient and I am on Vitamin D regimin twice now to try and get those levels up. I ache all over. hair falls out, fingernails so dry they are painful and this week crying for no reason. Dont get me started on the weight. I gain, then when weeks when I feel great have lost weight fast without even trying, then back to gaining. I have been tested and feel like they throw levothyroxine at me and and say see me in three months and meanwhile on the ride I go. I go to military Dr and am a military spouse. Some days I have felt great, this week like crap. I am 41. I want to exercise more and somedays taking the dogs for a walk is a challenge. I need some energy. Anyone have any help or advice to get some energy? I rest believe me........

You might also want to try Vitamin b-12 injections. Very much helped me. Also change you diet- get rid of grains.

I have hashimotos and levels are good , then high, then low... it is like a roller coaster. Now my blood pressure is creeping up, my vitamin D is really deficient and I am on Vitamin D regimin twice now to try and get those levels up. I ache all over. hair falls out, fingernails so dry they are painful and this week crying for no reason. Dont get me started on the weight. I gain, then when weeks when I feel great lost weight fast without even trying, the n back to gaining. I have been tested and feel like they throw levothyroxine at me and and say see me in three months and meanwhile on the ride I go. I go to milirary Dr and am a military spouse. Some days I have felt great, this week like crap. I am 41. I want to exercise more and somedays taking the dogs for a walk is a challenge. I need some energy. Anyone have any help or advice to get some energy? I rest believe me........

Take a B complex vitamin.

I was told I may have Hashimoto's... I really want to know. My doctor is out of town until next week which is leaving me with too much time on my hands to just wait and think. I had an ultrasound that was abnormal that lead them to beleive I do have Hashi's, they ordered blood work. My TSH is 4.83, my total T3 89 (normal is think) and my Free T4 is .88. I just want to know, does this mean I have it OR not. It would explain ALOT of things in mylife, but this was unexpected it all came from an examination that revealed an enlarged thyroid.

I have yet to see the day when my hair stops falling out and my body stops aching and my depression (or whatever the heck it is that makes me sad and so tired) stop! I've been taking Synthroid for over a year now. Apparently, my dosage seems to get higher and higher. i have asked numerous times, numerous doctors, if there is anything else i should be doing, i.e., diet, exercise, stop taking pills, anything to help me with losing hair, anything out there that's better than this stupid Synthroid synthetic pill??? The answer was simple and cold: nothing out there to help you. Last week i saw my doc and apparently my thyroid gland is now ruined. Did you know the more you take those pills the less your thyroid gland works and produces on its own and the less it functions? in other words, your thyroid gland becomes useless and one might as well surgically remove it since it will stop working altogether. Yes, it is sad and it is true. I'm desperately trying to find a different way for my body to produce more iodine and for my body to stop attacking it. is there any hollistic way of curing this? anyone knows? i feel like im running out of time. i feel like i still have a chance on curing this thryoid gland but once it is damaged then i will, for the rest of my life, rely on taking synthetic pills like Synthoid. :(

taking more and more pills is not good at all, your thyroid can develop resistance to this pill/ hormone, and the relationship between your pituitary gland and your thyroid might suffer irreversible damage...
first and most important thing to do is try to balance your immune system and keep the autoimmune cause of the disease in check...
read this book http://www.thyroidbook.com/ and go see one of the practitioners listed on the website.
there is always hope.
you will surely be better than you are now...
ARMOUR (made with pig thyroid gland, a more natural product) works better for many patients. It has both T3 and T4.
go see one of those chiropractors first!

Everyone with Hashi's needs to have their blood levels checked on a regular basis. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 5 1/2 yrs ago. All was well until I suddenly started having chest pains, palpitations, irritability, insomnia, etc..... I went to my doctor twice just for him to tell me it was stress. I went back repeatedly telling him it wasn't stress. Finally he drew some blood. The results were extreme "overactive". They immediately sent me to have a sonogram, EKG, and placed a heart monitor on me for 48 hrs. They have taken me from 125mcg a day down to only 75 a week. It's been over a year now and still nothing has changed, except for the worse. It's now turned in to overactive Graves Disease. My hair has fallen out, I have a goiter and Graves Opthomology ( pertruding of the eyes ). I am finding out the hard way the you can have a rare disorder where you have both Hashimoto's and Graves at the same time. I thank God every day that what I have is not terminal, but I have to say it has been the most trying year I have ever had. I sympothize with all of you that have one or the other or both like myself. But, no matter how severe your case may be......take it from me and have it checked regularly and do not accept an answer you don't believe to be true. You know your body better than anyone!!

Just was diagnosed yesterday, and doing the google thing all day today. First of all apologies, Ive had it for bout 10 years now (guessing) because thats when my nodule was first discovered, and I tend to ignore things. My question to you is I cant figure out what the difference is between Graves and Hashi. From what I have read thus far they look very similar.

i'm sorry your going through so much I feel for you, i do am going through the same thing

I started feeling tired, depressed, and went from 135 pounds to 209 pounds in 8 months. I am in the military and began feeling the brunt of these symptoms upon my return from Iraq. I was referred to military doctors who told me it was depression and weight gain brought on by PTSD....I finally got a doctor to listen to me with the help of my husband who was so tired of seeing me change so drastically. I am on synthroid but have only managed to get my weight to175 pounds.35 pounds of the military standard. Now here i am 17 years of my military career possibly down the drain because I can't meet standards any more. I truly believe that if the military doctors would have figured this out sooner I could have reversed the effects of this disease sooner. It was a civilian doctor that finally got me the help I needed. I am truly shocked that there are so many suffering and so many doctors who don't understand the disease.

I was diagnosed only a week ago with Hashimotos. I am a college freshman this year, so everyone told me I was supposed to feel tired and stressed and gain weight.. I thought I was so much less capable of handling my life than everyone else! Luckily my mom heard about the Texas Thyroid Institute with Dr. Arem. He diagnosed me and has put me on a number of supplements in addition to the T3 and T4 medications. At first I assumed a few weeks on meds and my life would be back to normal, but with my research I see that this is going to be a lifelong battle. I wish you all the best!!

Lyonix: I recently posted on another story with a similar comment. DO NOT SETTLE, if things aren't working out push for more testing. There is a ridiculous number of disorders that link directly with hashimoto's, all of them take a simple blood test. Also, DO NOT take generic meds, could explain flopping back and forth. My doc warned me that generics can fluctuate as much as 25 to 50 mcg per dosage (not good!). I'm all about trying random remedies, but definitely push your doc to check other things too (I have one vitamin very low, one mineral very low, testosterone that's high, and polycystic ovarian disorder too). Always worth a shot.

yeah, usually hashimoto people have very low vitamin D.
many autoimmune diseases come with this deficiency, since vit D has such an important role in the immune system's functioning.
this deficiency HAS to be fixed!

Lyonix, are they treating you for both your T3 AND T4 levels? and, not sure if you have tried, but my mom sees a natural wellness Doc, on top of her endo, and that has helped her A LOT. i want to see him as well, just need to get in there.

Unfortunately for me, I am not one of the lucky ones whose Hashi's has been controlled. It's up and down and all around. Overmedicated, then okay, then under medicated, then okay, etc. It's been this way since I was under treated when diagnosed in 2003. I've read that under treating Hashi's can lead to further failure later on. That is what's happening now. Just when I believe everything is going fine - WHAM - the bottom drops out and I'm at square one again.<br />
<br />
I've also had a disease which is caused by under treating thyroid disease, perimyocarditis. I started getting the symptoms in 2005 and they worsened every year. Wonderful, huh? The first doc who treated me kept my TSH exactly at mid range when it should have been around 1. I was on 88 mcg when I should have been on at least 112 mcg of T4. She also told me it didn't matter if I took generic T4 or a brand name. That has not been my experience either. I finally convinced her to give me Synthroid. Later I found Levoxyl worked better for me.<br />
<br />
Back in 2003, I thought thyroid disease was a simple matter and my doctor knew enough to treat me right. I no longer trust a doctor to get it right. Although, I do trust my endo more and more each time I see him.<br />
<br />
This last winter, I had a bout with my thyroid causing thyroiditis. Although at first the endo thought it was an infection elsewhere. On my last visit, he figured it was centered in my thyroid. I had the chills, fever, sweating, body aches, and over all felt horrible. But I had no other symptoms. It was a low grade fever, around 99 to 100 F. Then the symptoms faded and my TSH rose again. UGH! I had been feeling so good and losing weight too.<br />
<br />
It's great to hear about others where treatment works for them. But saddens me at the same time that my thyroid is crashing again.

read this book:
i cannot stress enough how important this is. read it and you will understand why medicine only is never enough to treat hashimoto.
on that website you will find info for practitioners who treat hashimoto following the methods&amp;treatment explained in the book.
you will have to make major nutritional changes and really take care of yourself.
also, usually autoimmune diseases do not come alone... unfortunately ... so you might have a secondary autoimmune disease... the problem is that they are very difficult to diagnose, don't even know what specialist you need...
best thing: look for an immunologist or, worst case, a rheumathologist (they know about many autoimmune diseases).
whatever you do, DO NOT stop looking for a doctor until you find a REALLY GOOD one and you feel well.
don't let them make you believe that it's normal and ok to feel awful and to take meds which have huge side effects and only ruin your health even worse...
good luck and take care of you :)

Hello, I am having a very difficult time with this. I was told six months ago that I hadd this but no treatment other than calcium and vit. D. I feel horrible all the time. My husband left me three months before I was told. So he will not even listen to me as his mistress has hypothyroid which is being treated.
Do I look for a new doctor that will treat? If feels like there is a golfball in my throat all the the time.
ty, bdhm

I feel ya. I cannot get my under control either, It's either up or down, I can't lose weight, I cry all the time, my hair has fallen out, I have dry skin, my eyes are blurry all the time, I have anxiety because my symptoms stop me from having fun. I can't go out anywhere because i either am constipated or the other way which is not fun. I have had pottasium problems, pituatary problem, shaking , depressioin, and no one knows the answers i'll be bald before i get an answer, I am so fustrated also

I'm sorry to hear what you are going through, I too have thryoiditis. I am meeting with surgeon next week to have the whole thing out. to many problems

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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's this past February 2010, but believe I have been suffering since 2004 or even longer. I can totally identify to "everything" you have written. I actually felt like I was reading my own life history. I have only been on synthroid (the lowest dose possible) for 4 months now and have not seen any improvements in my current condition. I have put on 30 plus lbs in the past year and find everyday to be a struggle physically and emotionally. I am 41, married, the mother of 2 and a very busy business owner. I feel like just when my life should be taking off, I don't have the energy to make that possible. I feel like it's groundhog day for me over and over........With all of that said I have a small glimmer of hope after reading your post. I live for the day that I will see that weight and hair loss to come to a stop along with the brain fog, depression and body pain. Thank you for spreading the word of HOPE to those of us doubting that life will ever be normal again and helping us know that there is light at the end of the tunnel:-)