My E P Hater Is Not Very Creative...

I suspect she has another account....and her friend is just as dull. Go distort someone else's avatar, you have been neutralised,.

Time to do something with my day, I'm bored now.
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12 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Pixelita's right. Jealousy IS the reason for all of this nonsense. Don't worry about it. There are thousands of us that love and appreciate you. --^v--^v--^v________________________--^v--^v--^v

Haters hate because of jealousy...I know it's a bit strange to think of it this way but it's a twisted compliment! LOL!! You are loved by so many, there has to be one bad apple inthe bunch :-) (((hugs)))

Stupid ******* waste of ******* space twats

I couldn't believe it at first, but now, I'd rather eat a cow than care that some childish human hates me.

Who could hate you..must be little girls/boys playing grown up. Glad you don't let them bother you! *smile*

I agree with by DelightfulBabe08 on this one...

Hahhha SugarBritches, that's cool. ♥

When someone irritates me I give them this: --^----^---^---________________________--^--and then I tell them they are boring me to death.How are you doing? They get on my nerves, too.

I've flagged them. I'm OK. :)

Try you best to ignore them hon,..I'm sorry that you are going through this, but you are not alone. I'm keeping you close to my heart and prayers

Just bloody bored I suspect.<br />
They commented inanely on a story about Motley cat's birthday and then changed their user name and twisted my avatar. What-the fook-ever.

What did they do? Haters are so lame, I mean, seriously, get a life. Find something productive to do with your time.