My Haters Are Electronics Extremistsangle

 My haters are experts in almost every angle of technology. First of all, I don't know why they hate. I have a question for my readers. Can u hate someone unemployed? The response may be it depends of the relationship with the haters. Unlucky there no relationship. My phone and notebook talk to me. One thing that I'm sure of is they all try to scare me. I think shouldn't be scared of anything if I'm not for the wrong cause. I have been exposed  to  some funniest attitudes. Every time I move to do something, I can easily hear someone move at same time. All that just to tell me I know what you are doing. As I'm think of something I have to do It seems like they can read your breath using technology. For them I don't know what they using so I can believe that they are spiritually powerful. 

medd medd
Feb 27, 2009