And I Work Outside

Talk about misery. I work at an airport where we spend 90+% of our days outside. I was hoping to get back on full-time there earlier in the spring so that I could start getting those hay fever shots. I hear they're very effective, but because they're so pricey I needed to have insurance to afford them. I got back on full-time a month ago, but the shots take a few months to achieve full effectiveness, and my hay fever is already slamming into me. I basically have about a month of really bad hay fever, and then (if I recall correctly) it gets a lot better. However, I'm going to call the allergist tomorrow and set up an appointment to get started on the shots. Hopefully they'll help at least a little bit. Medication doesn't seem to help all that much. It just sucks having hay fever because I love being outside in the sun and warmth so much. Grrrr.
liferiot liferiot
26-30, M
May 9, 2007