What No Sneezing?

Its early March and normally around this time I have the bad case of hay fever.  But today I'm not sneezing my butt off at all or have used up half the roll of paper towels. Why paper towels? They actually make soft ones now and its way stronger for me then some sissy tissue paper. You folks who sneeze a lot knows this. They have not made a quality tissue for us major runny nose. 

So what did I do differently that made me not sneeze or have those watery red eyes as if i never slept for day? And get that sense of Rudolph look alike that Santa could have ask me to pull his sleigh?  Easy I change shifts and found a job working late at night when the sun is down. Why does it matter you ask? Its simple when the sun comes up slowly it give those pretty flowers time to open up and say hello to wonderful bees.  But at night, like most people they close up and go to sleep. Not wasting precious time or energy to open up at all. Yeah, thank goodness for a life changing event.  About the last two weeks of Feb. I start off sneezing my a** off worse then anything. Its the sign that spring is coming in so is pollen. 

Have you ever had those allergic reaction when you saw one commercial that had pollen all around some kid, that your nose automatically starts sniffling and running with that case of water drips.  Yeah it was nonstop.  But I'm avoiding all that. I take regular care of my health and thank goodness's to a change in work schedule, I make the most out of what i don't need.  

I'm running on normal speed and can remember what is going on.  Having a tremendous allergy causes me to function as if I was high on chemicals in my body. I eat a lot more since I am never felling full. And i sleep whenever i can due to the lack of sleep at night. My throat isn't closing up, nil.

So I drove up to my plant at night and I saw them. down here in GA, they call them Pear Trees.  But there is no darn pear fruit when the flowers drop. It just has an awful smell, like you walked through the bathroom and someone forgot to flush the toilet for days.  You drive by, and all you can imaging, is "what the hell is that smell?" You would think pretty flowers all smell great? Nope this one stinks as much as where the wind is blowing it down to.  But at night, all i can do is smile. There not open, there is no smell at all and the wind was blowing. For me having a sensitive nose helps in a lot of places, but it also triggers my allergies. So people who doesn't wear perfume THANK YOU.

nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
Mar 7, 2009