Eyes Changing?

When i was little, I was always fascinated by eyes. Everyones eyes, but mostly mine since I could stare at them as long as I wanted (the same can't be said for staring at others eyes randomly haha) and I noticed that my eyes would change from blue to green. As I got older, I realized they stopped changing color, and it wasn't until I was about 12 years old that I discovered my eyes had brown in them. My eyes have brown and blue in them, with just a sliver of green in between, which I realized was why they appeared to change color. In dim house lights, my eyes will appear green because my pupils are expanded and they press the colors together making a green shade. In very bright lights, my eyes are very intense and you can see the stark difference between blue and brown and there is little to no green. I regular daylight, they appear a greenish blue color.

What's interesting is that I have a condition called central heterochromia, meaning the color in the middle of my eye around the pupil (brown) is different from the rest of the eye color (blue). It wasn't until very recently I observed that both my older sister and my mother have this condition. My mother having brown in the middle and a forest green around it, while my sister has two very different shades of brown. The most fascinating part is that both of them used to have different colored eyes; My mothers used to be a complete brown and my sisters used to be blue. I just find this all so interesting as it seems that heterochromia and the actual change of eye coloring is hereditary. It also makes me wonder if my eyes in fact did used to only be blue or green, and later in life I developed the brown, which would explain why I never noticed it before. 

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Thanks :) it is all really strange, I actually found a baby picture of me recently where you could see my eyes really well, and it was one solid shade of dark blue O.o

That is really fascinating!!