Genetic Throwback?

My eyes are hazel green. They're dark so often people think they're brown.  Rimmed with gray and with flecks of yellow, no one else that I've met in my extended family has eyes this color. No one in my birth family or my child has the same color eyes either.  Colors range from turquoise blue to brown/black.
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It's from the combination of blue and brown. Like with me, i have hazel eyes. My mom has brown eyes, but she carried the recessive blue because her mom had blue eyes (her dad had brown eyes). So she was Br-bl. My dad had blue eyes, and both his parents had blue eyes, so he was Bl-bl. So on a cross table of 2X2 squares, the combinations will be Br-Bl, Br-bl, Bl-bl, bl-bl... so half of their offspring would have blue eyes and half of their offspring would have brown with blue recessive, or like me, hazel. Which is exactly what happened. Both sisters have blue eyes, and i have hazel.<br />
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Now, if my mom (who carried recessive blue from her mom) had married a man with brown eyes and whose parents both had brown eyes, then 100% of her children would have had brown eyes, bc the father would not have carried a recessive blue gene.<br />
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Anyway i am probably wrong but this is my theory translated from basic gene maps. Brown is supposed to be dominant and blue recessive, but it depends on what colour eyes your parents have as well.

Yes, I know how it's supposed to work, but the rules don't appear to hold true in this family. My maternal grandparents gave birth to 2 blue-eyed and 1brown-eyed children, yet they were both blue-eyed. My paternal grandparents were both also blue-eyed, yet my father's eyes are hazel. But since he had one grandparent with very dark brown eyes we never thought much about it. It's my mother's father's family that doesn't add up. He's at least half Cherokee, yet had brilliant blue eyes. His mother had brown eyes and his father blue. BUT - the main Cherokee came from his father who also had brilliant blue eyes. This man had 2 full sisters listed on the Dawes rolls; because of the blue eyes the rest were able to claim they were white - and there were 13 children in that marriage

very recessive genes, maybe. or maybe...