3 Different Occasions

On three different occasions, at 3 different ages. The first time i heard an evil laugh, i was 10 yrs old. folks were out of the house. i wasn't supposed to have friends over, but i snuck them in anyway. i had a ping pong table in our basement; friends and i (they were close in age as me), went downstairs to play some ping pong and hang out. i started telling them about me not supposed to bring anyone in the house while parents were out, they started telling me that being in the basement by ourselves was kind of creepy, and thats when we all heard an evil laugh thought it came from the laundry room next to the room we were in downstairs. our mouths dropped in astonishment, we were all looking in wonder at each other, asking if we each heard it and if any of us had done that, but we heard it in the other room.............we all took off up the stairs and out the door to the front yard, i didn't go back in the house till my folks came back, which wasn't too long after that happened, but it brought me to tears and telling them the truth about me bringing friends in..they looked around/in the basement..the whole house, no one was there.

2nd evil laugh, i was 16 yrs of age...halloween/b-day, had a group of girls over for a slumber party. it was late, folks went to bed, us girls still up carrying on, decided to try a seance...wont go into details except that we stopped in mid stream when the candle went out on its own and we all heard a crash in the kitchen then an evil laugh. we turned on the lights, no one was in the kitchen, pots were on the floor. we were all scared that night, tried to get some sleep, but i thought i saw a face peeking through the window, so i made us keep a light on....i had nightmares for a long time after that.

3rd evil laugh, heard this one as an adult, i might of told this one before. my husband worked 3rds, i was the only one home that night. getting ready for bed, a little stressed over the day, half way asleep, i did keep a shimmer of light on in the next room. saw a shadow/'s on the wall and seemed to have moved. i tilted my head up and the bed started shaking, i was freaking out and i wanted to say in Jesus name, but it felt like something had ahold of my tongue and all i could do was go ugh...then i heard an evil laugh, the bed was still shaking, my tongue still felt thick but i was finally able to say Jesus! the shaking stopped everything was still and i was able to speak again. i prayed to God then i was actually able to sleep that night. i told my husband when he got home, but he was skeptical.

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It sounds like you are attracting bad spirits. They will usually come at times when you are particularly vulnerable so your spiritual defense is weak. Sometimes it helps to change something about your life that you are not happy with, this seems to close the connection between you and the spirit. I wish you all the best.