Walls Can Talk -- And Scream

At first I did not realize I had new neighbors until it first happened that night. Through my paper thin walls I heard what sounded like a woman being gagged, "Aggkhh!" and a male voice gasping for breath as if he's choking her with all his white-knuckled might. My hand was already on the phone ready to dial 911. Then I heard a sigh of relief from the woman, "Aaahhh." She finished her climax. A few minutes later I heard the man moan feverishly almost with pain as if he was being electrocuted.  I was as quiet as a mouse throughout the rest of the night, sparing them the embarrassment of being heard. This went on month after month, 3-4 times a week. I shook my head and thought what ugly sounds they make when they have sex. This was no ponr star sex. This was ugly people sex.

My father visited me one day for some internet help. As I sat with him together on the computer, that couple was at it again. As their breathing got heavier, I turned on the TV to drown them out but they were so loud we couldn't even hear ourselves talk or think. I think my father knew at that point. It's so embarrassing! My family is conservative. We don't watch movies together with any nudity or sex scenes.

One night sitting through this uninvited chorus of shameless sex, I banged on the wall with my fists before they were about to climax, hoping they'll stop and say, "Did you hear that?" Yes they heard that and still they went on. As the wall are so thin, I can even hear every word of their phone conversations as if they're in my room. But they speak Russian so I don't understand much. I just know there's an "Oy!" to most climaxes for Russians.

One afternoon while tending my pots of flowers out on my stoop, a slender woman in her 50s approached the apartment house next to me. She stopped and started chatting with me about my flowers. She has short cropped hair, aperfect posture, an athletic built, and a very cheery disposition. Something familiar about her voice, I couldn't figure out why. As she left, she said "oh by the way, I live on the 2nd floor." I froze.

A month later, while out on my stoop again watering my flowers, a feeble man in his late 60s said hello to me before disappearing next door where the woman lives. All I could think was he looked a lot like Mr. Magoo. And that voice was familiar. You know how you only recognize your lover only when he or she is naked? But when they are clothed they look familiar but very different from what you know of them. That's how voices are.
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How rude that you have a term for "Ugly people sex." That's SO judgmental of you.

nice story :) i laughed while i was reading. thanks :)