My Neighbor and Also My Old Roommate

I came home after a night out at a bar, and I heard my neighbor going at it with someone.  They were LOUD.  I mean, really, really loud.  I heard all the sounds someone could possibly make when they're getting it on.  I was actually with one of my girlfriends, and upon hearing my neighbor and whoever he was with, we just turned to each other and laughed.  

And then in college I had a roommate who had sex in the room in her bed, when I was in my bed 10 feet away.  That was the most awkward thing, ever.  I just turned my fan on louder to dull out the sound, and when I could still hear it, I just got up to go to the bathroom to hopefully let them know I was awake and get them to stop.  That worked.  They stopped.   Seriously, she should have had sex when I wasn't there, and also she could really just let me know that she wanted to get it on that night, and I would wait 'til later the night to go home.  I didn't have a problem if I had to get "sexed out" of the room.  I mean, I had friends I could be with or I could stay out later into the night.  I'd rather do that than come home and hear people having sex basically next to me.

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I must say that I find this rather pleasant...but I love to hear people during sex. It's a great proof of vitality, and also that they treat you as part of their own private world, so to speak.

It's a good thing they stopped. It's so inconsiderate to have sex in the room when someone else is in there...

ewwwwww that's so gross! It reminds me of a story my friend told me - when she moved into her dorm room her freshman year, she found a condom behind the bed on the floor...yuck.

I would've got up, walked over, and shoved some socks into their mouths... They would've gotten the message. I was gonna do that to my friend Jeff at his party if he and his girlfriend didn't stop after I yelled at them to stop.