Their's Was Better.

I was with my first boyfriend and he took me to my first hockey game. we stayed in a crappy hotel and had the lamest sex ever because he was mr. one minute man. we went to sleep and he fell right asleep and I couldn't. I heard the couple above us having awesome sex and I looked over at my boyfriend, who was snoring away, and sighed, then I punched him to make him stop snoring

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It's a learned behavior. If you allowed him to be a one minute man, you have just re-enforced that negative behavior. You can train your man how to pleasure you. How do you think that other woman had such great sex? It's because she was so good at teaching him her best spots!

This happened to me once but in reverse. A co-worker was leaving and it was her last day so a few of us took her out for "last day drinks" and while we were having drinks she really loosened up and started telling me that she had a crush on me and she had a fantasy where I just walked up to her and started deeply kissing her without saying a word. She was getting me worked up so when we finally left I quickly texted and asked her where she was going, we were both buzzing pretty good she said she was going home. I told her to meet me at a comfort Inn that was a few blocks away. Not knowing what she would say, she paused a few seconds and then said "ok". I was really close so I got us a room and texted her the room number about 3 minutes later she knocked on the door. Without saying a word I pulled her inside and began passionately kissing her and she loved it! After about 30 mins she was on top riding me fast and hard! I didn't even realize we were being "that loud" then we heard a loud "bang" "bang" "bang" on our door and a man say "stop that noise!". I was pretty buzzed and that got me pissed so I said "dude give me 5 mins and I'll be done!". Then he yelled "I'll give you 4. make it fast!". Me and her busted out laughing and continued having sex about 3 more times over the next couple of hours. We just kept the volume down.

Nothing worse than being in bed with a bad lay and hearing the neighbours having wild ******* and doing it again and again...Actually Hell should be something like that.

OMG! This sounds just like the experience I had for my first time. My ex bf took me to a really crappy motel, I bet they even rent rooms out by the hour, and there he took my V-card. He was not good, he was way top rough and everything and I was laying there thinking about how bad I wanted it to end. Finally he got done and went to sleep and all night I heard the woman in the other room moaning and the bed shaking. LOL!

LMAO!!!!! exactly.

Well, at least someone or something got nailed that night!!

I know. I laugh about it now. to add insult to injury they were doing construction on the hotel and started RIGHT when I fell asleep. lmao.

OMG!!! That is sooo sad and sooo funny at the same time!!! LOL

it was far from his first time.

Was it his first time? What did you expect if it was, and if it wasn't, then he sucks, lol.