I Don't Know How To Feel About It...

I heard them a little bit ago... Usually I can just hear the woman moaning. It's not that they are having great, loud sex... It's just that the walls of the apartment are so thin and NOT sound-proof at all. I can hear a cough or even a yawn. My bedroom has a connecting wall with their bedroom. Sometimes I'll turn my TV down or off and listen. Sometimes it makes me horny, Sometimes it makes me physically ill...or a combo of both. I think mostly jealous that I don't have my significant other in my bed. I just wish I could hear my lover moaning.... I don't want to hear the heffer next door...that I don't even know.  All I know is sometimes I'll hear them having sex then 10 mins later be arguing. This is my first time living in an apartment.... So it's not something I'm used to hearing. But sometimes I'm just nosy and actually try to listen... I try to decipher whether it's fake... if she's really enjoying it. Hmm quite a few things go on in my head... other peoples sex lives peek my curiosity. **** I think it's just society... We are "obsessed" with other peoples/celebrities relations. We can't help it. I wish I had my lover here to give the neighbors a show... I kind of wonder who would be louder? Well.... I think I missed the show tonight.... Whew my TV was covering it... but did hear some banging on the wall... ha ha Maybe they were moving furniture... (yeah right) at 2:30am.


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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Did you have a look at her? It's always nice to put a face on the ****...

Do you ********** listening to them?