Blue Moon Lunacy

So, I just realized through a friend that it was a Blue Moon this past weekend. My own weekend was full of lunacy, that's for sure, and since the moon is where the origins of the word lunacy lie, it makes sense that it would be so.

My weekend was nutty, but think a lot of people's were, at least according to my texts, emails, and inbox here. At the time, I just thought it was a coincidence. Now I wonder.

I was talking to a nurse friend that works in a nearby Emergency Room awhile back about this phenomenon, and they ALL apparently agree in the ER dept that the full moon brings out the craziness in people. High emotional times. Lots of wrecks, the mentally ill become agitated...
A cop friend mentioned the same once.

The nurse and I started talking about it. I pointed out, the moon moves the tides...oceans and oceans of water react to the moon. Since our bodies are 60 percent water, maybe the moon really DOES influence us?

How was YOUR Blue Moon, EP friends? Or all you guys just a bunch of lunatics like me?
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Mine was quiet, but I have had similar conversations with medical and law enforcement and yes, they all agree, watch out for the full moon

I do wonder about how much it has to do with the water content in interesting to me.

You know there's no lunacy with out Lucy.

Oh, I'm aware! Lmao!

I am a moonraker anyway,my sign is influenced by the moon,my moods too,from happy to very happy,to ecstatic,to uncontrollable,to "What's he on?",to "Did you see that,was it a bird or a plane?",to insatiable sex feind with fangs and claws,to a fluffy toy!<br />
All my life I've gazed at the full moon,I'm always aware of where it is in the sky,have seen eclipses,both day eclipses and one at night when the earth passed infront of the moon...just love her so much. I dream wonderful dreams when the moon is out,I had a naked 'Moonbath' two weeks ago,slept under the moon,bare bodied and totally happy.<br />
<br />
For me there's no mystery,she is and will forever be my Mistress!

I TOTALLY agree with this. It never fails that when the moon is full folks get a lil crazier then usual. Depending on what sort of craziness is going on.... I can sometimes fit right in cause I can be pretty loony at times too! :D