Kuwaiti Energy

I have always heard voices or seen things, even as a child. My mom knew this and just let me talk to them. When I started talking in the graveyard next to our church though, she made sure to keep me away from graveyards. I have regularly spoken with god and angels all my life. I saw jesus a lot as a child. Only my mother and husband know these things about me though, I dont really want to advertise it to people who know me. Anyways, this story is about the time i spent in Kuwait.


It was last october when i first got there. I was tired from the plane ride and thought at first that my odd feelings were from being in a new place. But i started to realize that it was me hearing voices that i was blocking out. When I listened to what they were saying, it was the first time in my life that I had ever heard voices of evil. Well a voice of evil. I dont know if it was satan or a demon but it was a seductive man, whispering into my ear that I should leave my husband. that i should harm myself, that i should put a magazine in my m16 and use my toe to pull the trigger while it was pointed at my head. I didnt want to act on these things, I might have problems with depression but i have never been suicidal. I wasnt going to do them, if you havent heard these kind of voices, the best i can explain it is like a smooth car salesman telling you to buy into what he is saying. some people are strong willed enough to continue to think for themselves, some people arent.


Now i cant read auras or anything, but I do know that kuwait has a pink energy to it.  I have no idea what that means but i feel it and see it with something other than my normal vision. I experience supernatural stuff but I dont have words for everything so bear with me.I have never been in a place where i felt like it had a color before. Well, i think that there are a lot of souls hanging out there, and I dont think Kuwait is a place of evil, but it isnt spiritually benign either.


The evil thing I encountered there stayed with me, even in iraq and I brought him home. I wonder how many other soldiers have thought they had problems but really had a spirit stick to them. Anywya, a few weeks ago, he used up a great deal of his energy to show me evil visions. he showed me a first person view of sticking a wire hanger into my uterus and killing my baby. After that, its like he drained himself and he hasnt talked to me in a while. He is still there, maybe waiting for me to have the baby so he can attack me during my post partum phase, make it look like depression.


I need help understanding what these things are that i experience. why was kuwait pink, why did this thing stick to me, how do i get rid of him, why do i have these weird supernatural experiences?

Ashahmal Ashahmal
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

this is called hallucination.....u shud c a psychiatrist.