Left Ear Hearing Loss

I was born with nerve deafness. I basically cannot hear anything in my left ear but maybe a fog horn and all that does is makes my eyes vibrate. But in my right ear, I wear a hearing aid and have since the age of 4. My parents knew something wasn't right and had me tested for all kinds of things and found out about my hearing loss. I am now 45 and had a peculiar thing happen to me today. Someone wanted to pray for my ear (right one) to be healed. A sincere person that I work with prayed for me. She was working on a project and I walked up to see how she was doing and when she looked up she nearly fainted and asked if she could pray for my ear. I said sure. It felt great that someone thought to pray for me. I've not asked to be healed but if God wants to use me to show the world that miracles still happen and he does love us, then so be it. Until then, thank you dear sweet person and thank you Heavenly Father!
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Sep 13, 2012