Heart Disease

My name is Allie Johnson , and I have a heart disease .

It started when I was 9 years of age , right after I left my true home which was in Thailand.

Every since then ... I started feeling this weird chest pinch , then it got stronger and stronger , I needed someone to check it out .. so I went to the hospital . There they told me I had "cornary artery diesease" and I was due to die when I was 28-29 , since I had no one to support me ... it really freaked me out ....  ever since then I've wanted to become a heart surgeon . Right now I'm 17 and I'll be 18 in may 12th that means I'd have about 12 years of college then a few years to practice on dead organs (hearts) I'll never make it ... they told me transplant is a good idea but I refuse...  someone elses heart beating inside me just wouldn't feel right ... you understand?




Allie J .... 1991-2020

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my hubby just had a very big heart operation..the admiration i felt for his surgeon cannot be put into words...he was brilliant...i hope you are able to achieve your goal of becoming a dr in this field...i cant imagine anything better than helping people get well who are literally at deaths door.... patti in canada