I'm 33 years old and have had these palpatations for a year. I have had blood taken, ekg, heart monitor all of which my dr. Said were normal, but it doesn't feel normal! It terrifies me that my heart may be unhealthy. I'm scared everyday....It feels good to know I am not alone. My heart will beat normal than two quick beats and than a pause and than normal again. My dr. Said I am just sensitive to feeling it and that I have anxiety. Of course I do they are giving me anxiety. She made me feel like a hypocondriac. I just don' t want something serious not diagnosed...
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You can get heart palpitations if you have social anxiety or social phobia. I usually get mine when I'm in a very crowded place and I compulsively hold my breath.

I understand what you are saying. I have been to many dr's and had so many test and wore so many monitors for 30 days and even had wires inserted into my heart and they say my heart is normal, that my palpitations are benign!!! No matter how many times i have been told this, it still scares me to no end. They tell me to exercise, but when i do they get bad!!! So very annoying and scary.

I feel the same way too.... almost everyday i feel anxious of my palpitation

Sorry, I just realized u have had the tests. I'm going through all the testing right now. I'm hoping ill feel better when I get the results. It isn't something I would wish on anyone. I'm going back on my antidepressants. I do better when I'm on them. Almost no pelp's. Hope u can find some peace with them. Take care

I am 33 with heart pelp's too! They scare me as well. My sister suffers with this also. Go get all the tests done and you will feel a lot better. Meditate, read, inform yourself. Find someone you can trust to talk to. I'm in an anxiety group. Try and find one in your area. Your not alone in this. Thousands suffer every day. Good luck and god bless.