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I first experienced palpitations while at work when i was bending over to pick something up 10 years ago.  needless to say i was freaked the .... out!   Ive also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks all my life as well.   I finally broke down and went to see the doctor about it and they ran some tests and didn't find anything seriously wrong.   Ever since my first experience with heart flutters i constantly monitor my heartbeat and it drives me insane doing that all the time!!!   I experience heart palpitations everyday and they still scare me and freak me out!   they usually happen when I'm laying down, bending over, if I'm tired, the next day after a night of going out with friends and drinking LOL or working out.   They usually only last for a couple of seconds and I have found that if I just take a deep breathe and hold it, they usually stop.   I hate living in fear waiting on the next one to hit!   I know the doctors say that they are harmless if something bad is ruled out but they are freaking scary!!!   I come from a mother who experiences anxiety and panic attacks and a father who is a hypochondriac but i have gotten passed those things on my own pretty well.   The only thing now is these scary palpitations that make me worry about my heart constantly and that is very stressful!  

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I'm 45 with the same issues..they stuck me on a thyroid medicine low dose and a couple weeks later I'm having palpitations. I had an ekg and bloodwork done and everything is fine they told me..I've had an echocardiogram about 4 years ago and it was fine. So I was bending down today to pick something up and I had one..I sat on the curb scared to death and called my doctors office right away..he was on vacation so I talked to her..I'm so stressed out that my body hurts. I got off my buspar for 2 months and now back on them. I go Friday to see someone for a follow up..this is scarey and I hope it goes away..I have been stressed out by my hubby and 3 kids ages 13,11 and 2. This all started with the first hubby's verbal abuse...hope it works out for ya..I'm stopping my thyroid medicine to see if they go away........Amy

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I go to the same thing do you take anything for it


How I fixed my heart palpitations...
I started experiencing heart palpitations a few years ago. Generally I would get dizziness and shortness of breath along with them. It is the scariest feeling in the world, I know. I am in my early 40's and am in generally good health. Though I haven't competed for a while I used to participate in competitive martial arts events and I hit the gym regularly.
I have had bloodwork many times, several ekg's, stress tests, nuclear stress tests and sonic tests of the heart and have seen a couple of cardiologists. In the last couple of years I have been to emergency thinking I was dying at least 3 times. Twice I went in an ambulance (once on my birthday, which was awesome). That's how bad things were. Nothing. Everything came back negative and they told me I'm 'fine'. To that I say "**** that". You know your body better than anyone and you *know* when something is out of kilter. I also know how stress can build off of this. You are afraid to go out, afraid to be active as you're always worried if that last bit of exercise will be your last. I've been there, I swear.
The first thing that I did was I began keeping a log of my diet. I didn't adjust anything, I simply logged it. For me, I started noticing patterns, in that almost every time my palps would come a few hours after eating. Almost ALWAYS, within 2-4 hours of having a meal. From there I started noticing trigger foods where I would most definitely get palps after eating them. This was too much of a coincidence for me.
What I did...
I have pretty much reduced my heart palpitations to zero by adjusting my diet. I try as much to reduce glutamates within the food I eat/liquids I drink. I have also started taking Taurine on a semi-regular basis. I really don't take much Taurine, as for me, reducing glutamates seems to have helped substantially.
Many Glutamates are terrible for your body. Do the research on them for yourself, especially MSG. They are hidden in many, many foods that we eat. One net effect that glutamates have is that they reduce Taurine or reduce the efficacy of Taurine in the body. Taurine is an essential amino acid (your body needs it) that among other things controls...wait for it...cardiovascular function.
Taurine and glutamates literally compete in the body against one another, and an excess of one will over-ride the other. If you have too much glutamates in your system, your Taurine levels will drop. And remember...what does Taurine do? :)
So, for me, reducing glutamates (easier said than done) and taking Taurine supplements helped a great deal. Actually, that is an understatement. It was, literally, life changing. And for those with concerns, Taurine is considered a very safe supplement to take (at least according to my research). One thing I didn’t want to do was swap one problem out for another because of the supplement I was taking.
I am not a doctor, and so obviously you must take this advice as anecdotal. I urge you to discuss this with your physician and see what he/she says. Do the research for yourself, keep track of what you're ingesting and see if you can't find any patterns. Try taking Taurine if, after researching, you feel it may help.
I sincerely hope this helps someone out there. I know I felt alone and depressed from my palpitations…if I can help anyone overcome then this will be worth it.

Good luck.

I am 22 yrs old. I didnt start having the palps till after my son was born 4 yrs ago. Its like a hard thump in my chest, like my heart skips ot beats really hard for like one beat. Ive had ekgs and blood work they said my heart was normal and healthy but they scare me sooooo bad!! It seems to happen when i am trying to relax or something. Ive noticed too that i have them right before i start my period. I am constantly worried. Every day i wake up thinkin about my health and my heart. Some times i have high bp, i had high bp for like a yr after my son was born then it went away outta nowhere! Some weeks are awesome i dont have any heart palps or high bo but some weeks are from hell. I constantly pray everyday not to have them any more. Every single person i talk to says they have them too. I just wish i could go about my life and no stress about having them and never have another one! It is so scary cause once i have one i panic and cry and fear the worst, i live in constant fear or dying! Oh dear jesus please let them stop!!

I just read your comment. I was just curious how it's going and if you figured anything out. I been dealing with them for years and I've learned to control the inevitable anxiety(somewhat). I just saw cardiologist couple days ago and I'm starting a new medication .

MVP really sucks. I had to give up natural bodybuilding because of it. Seeing the massive results I once had slowly go away is depressing. But I'm not vain and I know that we can't keep everything we have. Used to being the big strong guy, feeling in control... to feeling like I don't know when my heart is going to flip flop on me. Always thinking back to when I was in the gym and people were asking me for tips and complementing my body. Now I sit at home on the computer and just make music and go to work. It's tough when something like this really hampers your lifestyle. I now feel like a different person in some ways. Gone is that guy who would go to the gym, get out, go to the car, spark a joint up with my buddy, go for a ride with the music bumping feeling the air and the speed and just feeling awesome. Now I feel like an old man waiting to die. It's not always that bad, but in the back of my head I know that my old life is over. It's so weird that when I was working out all the time I really never had any symptoms. It's after I stopped for a few months that all this toppled over and I found out I had MVP. Seems like the exercise kept the symptoms away. Maybe I will start slowly getting back into shape, but I know I can't go as hard as I used to. No more Mr. Alpha male looking like hercules. Time for a more lean, skinnier me. I know being very muscular can't be good for someone with valve problems. How I wish I was 21 again. But life goes on until it doesn't.

The constant workouts kept the irregular beats in check but during periods of rest they become increasingly troublesome. I can no longer workout apart from the occasional walk and my long term future looks bleak. Hoping desperately for the ablation but long waiting list even if given the green light, trying to stay positive.

It really does mess with your
Lifestyle dude I'm 21 I shouldn't be worrying about these things I'm thinking gym night life party and now
I have a whole diff perspective as far as drinking and what I need to do to get back In the gymFlow,.

The worst part about this is that you constantly think my heart is going to flip flop again whenever you do anything physical. The truth is, you could do it and be fine, but your mind tells your body you are in danger and your body starts producing too much adrenaline, and guess what? You will get that sensation again, because of the adrenaline. I noticed that I have always been really sensitive to adrenaline, since I was a kid. Working out did have the effect of consuming that excess adrenaline so I felt more relaxed after the workout. I still haven't gotten back into working out like I said I would, but not just because of my fear. I started a full time job and starting my own business now. It's not all doom and gloom. Look, my girlfriend works with a girl who has a disease that attacks her body. She's 22 years old and already had a heart transplant a year ago. She says she feels great and she's a very positive person. As bad as we think we have it, there are people with way worse problems. 90% of the battle for us is learning not to freak out about it and stop thinking about it. I learned I had MVP during a very stressful time in my life. I was living in LA, with my girlfriend, and had to move back to the east coast. It was hell. Fighting all the time with my girl, having to pack all my ****. I started having palpitations during this time. Now, that my **** is starting to come back together, I don't feel anything much anymore. My cardio is terrible now cause I don't do anything. I go up a flight of stairs I'm panicking lol. I need to get on a treadmill or start moving more, then slowly getting back into pushups, sit-ups, then eventually weights. I don't need to put 305 on the bench 10 times. That's not healthy for anyone. If you work out, period, your body will be in good shape and attractive. Girls don't even like big dudes honestly. Most of them are turned off cause they think we're insecure or dumb. I'm slimmer since I stopped lifting so much and I get way more looks from girls now. I'm not like a fukkin gorilla walking around anymore lol. Just take it easy bro. You can still drink socially, I do. You don't have to drink till you puke. 4-6 beers is good. It's all in moderation man. Do everything in moderation and you'll be alright. I still smoke trees everyday, but just way less. I developed anxiety from this MVP so now I have to watch how much I smoke or I'll go into a full blown panic attack. I used to be the guy puffin L's back to back and then hitting the gym for an hour. Nothing really changed, just my awareness. Most of our problems are in our heads man.

At 21, the most important thing you should do is take time to plan out your future, your career. Go to school for something practical if you can. Learn a trade if you don't like the traditional 4 year college. Whatever you do, don't do marketing like me, **** sucks. Trust me, those guys partying every night are going to hit a hard wall and have to face themselves. Be the guy who got his **** together and focus on that. It will take your mind of off things. Be passionate about something. Alright man, take care.

Hi- I Am 18 years old -Female. Ever since i was little not a day went by witout me being sick or sore in some sort of form. When i was about 11 i got my first Heart Palpitation . I was traumatised by this. It made me become so weary of my heart - Then everyday i started to get a palpitation. Some days 3 or 4 ¬ I was very very active - i was on the schools basketball and Gaelic teams , i was on the local clubs gaelic team. Sport was my life.
Until one day whilst i was jumping on the trampoline when i was about 12 my heart just went crazy . Its so hard to explain . but it was all over the shop .! I walked home screaming crying thinking this is me finished - but thank god it stopped. Ever since that day my life changed - my sporting life went out the window. I paid regular trips to the doctor and on every occasion they told me its healthy , its nothing to be worried about -At one stage thet even diagnosed me with depression - Me ? Depression ? There was no way i was depressed it was more living in fear. However over a year ago my mother persuaded me that there was nothing wrong with me and all im doing is stressing myself out and making things worse. I Finally got my life back on track - The doctors cant be wrong sure? But one day i was in the gym in school. We all did one hour intense training. Afterwards i was really tired and didnt feel right. I just thought ,god im so unfit. Then boom Just as i was walking down town this Crazy heart THing started again. My friends dad brought me down to the doctors but the nurse was just there. she told me to go down to my family doctor immediately - she could hear there was something odd with my heart. My Mother rushed me down to the doctors and in the car she said you know he is just going to say you'll be fine right? My heart was going to crazy i didnt even care what she had to say. I went into the doctor and the minute she felt my pulse she goes to the secetary ring an ambulance asap. i was put on an ecg machine.i was given icecreams for it to slow down, i was made force air up a syringe by blowing into it. Nothing worked. Got rushed to hospital and was given a triple dose of some medication to slow down my heart. my heart was a 255 best per minute. I had an SVT. I was just 16 at the time. Even though i had probally the most scarriest days of my life i was pleased that i was ok and more importantly they knew that something wasnt right with my heart. 4 months later i had an ablation ,. It was probally the best thing to happen to me- Yes now and again i get palpitations but not to the same extinct. Demand an echo sound .But seriously i know my words will go right through you but try not to worry - it makes your problems 100 times worse!

i just had that... scared the **** out of me. i got it in the movie theater once and i thought i was gonna die because it lasted for over a minute. i became all week and shaky. i also went to the doctor and he said that for a man my age(23) this is normal due to the stamina or something like that... wtf? so he said that everything looks normal. still freaks the **** out of me!

I have been suffering with palpitations for several days now. They are getting more frequent as the days go by. Have you found any new info?

I experience the same thing it's terrible I live with these complications everydayI'm having palpitations it makes me have panic attacks so I understand do you take anything for it

I totally know where everyone is coming from!! I'm 27, been having paplpitations for 6 years now. I had a crap-ton of tests done when they started and for the first year I had follow ups done just to be safe. Nothing was ever found to be wrong, but it still totally freaks me out when they happen! What sucks for me is that sometimes I'll go weeks it between palpitations, and other times I'll get them everyday, multiple times during the frustrating when your just sitting there and BAM!...right in the chest! Reassuring to know that I'm not the only person that gets these though.

I'm. A 22 year old female I suffer from heart palpitations every single day.I'm scared to death that something is wrong. I hope its nothing serious.I have a holter monitor and an echo I'm getting done in a couple days.I hate when I'm just laying down or sleeping and these heart flutters and strong beats wake me up... :(

im really glad I found this site. I just had a heart cath done to check for blockages in my arteries. My cardiologist said everything was fine. So now, 3 days later I'm in bed because I finally get to go back to work and I start getting these palpitations. Now I start looking into congestive heart failure and now I'm really worried about having to look like a hypochondriac. After reading some of these posts, I don't know what the heck to think or do. However, I so much appreciate reading what everyone has gone through or is going through. I don't feel so alone anymore

Im glad I found all of your comments. I have suffered from anxiety since age 13 I am 31 now and had ablation for svt in one year ago this month I bent over to get something out of the dryer and my heart took off I thought it was anxiety it took along time to calm down the next time I had just woke up and had this feeling I couldn't catch my breath my husband called 911 because I refused to didn't want to hear I was crazy some more when they got to my home my HR 240bpm since the ablation I have had several palpatations my EP says my heart is fine and normal it feels like my heart pauses and restarts strange indeed and scary I also found out I have hiatal hernia both of my doctors have outlook on if this is causing my symptoms EP says no gastric doc says yes I'm do confused they are even waking me up out of my sleep like now I've been up since 5 I was dreaming that I was having skipped beats only to wake up actually having them any insight is helpful to me I don't wanna keep running to the doctor but im scared to death of them pre ablation EKGS ,Nuclear stress test , post ablation EKGS, 30 day event monitor, chest CT what to do next???? I just want to be fixed once and for all sorry for such a long post

Oh wow... so nice to see others with the same same issues. It seems like anxiety/panic attacks and palpitations cross a fine line. I had a few panic attacks when I was in my early 20's, it took me years to find the right meds to finally feels i have a handled on my anxiety. But 3 years ago (I am now 44) I started with very fast palpitations, to the point that anxiety pill would not help. I went to ER my heart rate was 140 for a long time. Finally atenolol (sp?) brought it down, I spent that night in the hospital. I was sent home with atenolol 25mg twice a day and I was sent for follow up to cardiologist. He did EKG in the office and he said nothing was wrong with my heart, he said I could use atenolol to help when I get the palpitations. I have been getting them once in a while this last 3 years, specially if I am tired. But lately I get them more often! I get so scare, I hate it! I sometimes have high blood pressure, but if I take bp medicine all the time then I feel too light headed.... I dont know what to do. I take effexor daily, clonopin sometimes if I am nervous... and when I get the palpitations I take atenolol and does work. But I would like to avoid them all together!

Hello people... I'm a 30yr old female and feel so glad that so many people are in the same boat as myself.. I have had tests run also and been told everything fine but I still can't help but panic when I get a missed beat feeling and a rush happen through my whole body... I try to be calm and get it out of my mind through out the day but there's still that little voice that reminds me' and I feel like it's taking control of my life... And it doesn't matter what the doctor says you still think there's something wrong... Why are we like this? Why can't i be panic free and stop checking my pulse and waiting for that flutter feeling... It's draining me'..

I also suffer from panic and anxiety which makes heart flutters even more frustrating. Although they don't hurt, they are SCARY! I have called my Dr over the last 10 yrs millions of times just to get reassured, and that doesn't always help. It sucks when you get them just relaxing TV, or taking a shower. It takes you by surprise. then sends you into a tail spin of anxiousness. I have 4 children at home, 2 that are 3 and 1, so I always think "what if something happens" while my husband is at work? I hate that feeling, and hate the thought that I can't have that no worry attitude. I pray alot and ask that GOD helps me to deal with this and look at in a positive way. Like my sister tells me, "think of it as your heart reminding you that you are filled with love and joy"!

I have a 2 yr old and one of my biggest fears is something happening while my husbands at work .

This may help some of you. I have had this same problem for some time. I do not know where the problem originated from but I did have anxiety at one time. I've had the problem for at least 6 years or more now and have just gotten use to it. My screwy heart issues don't scare me anymore but it does bother me because I don't know the permanent fix yet. This is what I do know - when I walk for exercise and get my heart into shape it does not bother me. Stay away from MSG! MSG is in MANY foods, especially Chinese food. The worst attacks I have ever had have came after eating Chinese or KFC chicken or some other food that had a good bit of MSG in it. Also be sure to get a full night's sleep. If you cheat yourself on sleep you will have these pretty much as a sure thing. The medicine that I have found to be a "cure all" is Ativan or its generic. The is NO problems when taking it. Also stops panic and anxiety dead in its tracks. This little pill is used to control seizures, pre-opp for surgery, and can stop most heart attacks that dont come from blockages. Hope this helps..... its not a cure but its relief.<br />
I am not currently on this and haven't had any for some time because I am able to control most problems with diet and exercise.

Thanks for all of your posts! It is very comforting to know there are so many other people with the exact same thing. I had an MRI today because I think I tore my rotator cuff and I have been having palpitations every since. I basically have had minor palpitations all my life and had anxiety/panic attacks for about 10 years. Finally made it through all that and about two years ago, the heart palpitations started again. As I'm a 47 year old female, I'm kind of self-diagnosing this is perimenopause which can be the source of heart palpitations in some women. I too (like someone else mentioned above) can be perfectly calm then BAM - heart palpitations hit T H E N the anxiety/panic comes. The palps are causing the anxiety in my opinion then it just becomes a vicious circle. I've had several EKG's a holter and a 30 day holter. I'm getting the 24 hour holter again in two days but I'm sure it will all come back "normal". It still sucks and it's still scary. Thanks again for sharing your experiences because it really is comforting. Palps are so scary that we need all the help we can get. I often get them during the night and they wake me up and that's SUPER scary. I'm going to bookmark this page because I know it will be comforting to re-read this during those times. Good luck to all!

I am a personal trainer, very fit, very healthy. Well just the past three months I have been having heart palpitations. Because of them, I have not been working out like I use to which sucks. I am constantly checking my heart rate and heart rhythm which is irregular. I don't know what it going on. I have had test done, went to the emergency room and everything came out that I was fine. That was great to hear but the palpitations were still coming. I have incorporated more meditation and yoga and doing a lot of breathing exercises which has helped some but just a few minutes ago sitting on the couch watching television, I had one. This really sucks, now I am trying to get through the day without having one palpitation. I don't know what to do, I do now that the doctors are not Gods and don't know much themselves. So I have been playing my own doctor by looking at my lifestyle and figuring out what it is my heart is telling me that I need to hear. It's good to know that I am not the only one. Being a personal trainer, behavior therapist, life coach and a nutrition specialist, I can only encourage everyone to keep taking care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, meditate, and do something for yourself that reinforces self love.

I'm so glad that I found this, because I had my first anxiety attack about a month ago complete with heart palpitations. I've been experiencing the palps every since....sometimes daily, sometimes less often. <br />
When I first experienced the heart palps, I became tachycardic and went to the doctor. I was sure that I was having a heart attack. I had an EKG done and had blood drawn for tests (liver function, anemia check, sugar levels, thyroid function, infection, etc.). The EKG showed nothing unusual and the blood tests came back well within normal range. My doctor said that there was no metabolic reason for my symptoms. He asked me what my stress level was, so I told him that I work a 40+ hour a week job, am currently in an MBA program, and am a perfectionist. He told me that I was experiencing high levels of stress and the symptoms I was feeling were anxiety attacks. I was prescribed Xanax, but experienced "rebound anxiety" on 0.25mg. This rebound anxiety is actually worse than the original anxiety attack, so I called my doctor. I went back to the doctor and he listened to my heart again and found nothing wrong. I then told him that I was obsessing over the heart palps (they're kind of hard to ignore), and he prescribed Paxil for me. I was on the medication for about a week and felt worse. When I called the doctor about it, he told me to stop taking the medication as I was not tolerating it well. I gladly stopped it (minor withdrawal symptoms since I'd only been on 10mg daily for a week) and felt much better.<br />
Now, I experience the heart palps mostly in the evening. Occasionally, if I'm dwelling on something (as we worriers like to do), I will feel them during the day. I know that there's nothing physically wrong with my body and that it's all my overworked mind. All I need to do is just relax and know that I'm fine. This is easier said than done!<br />
I'm so glad to read all of everyone's comments, because I can see that I'm not alone in this. That does give me some peace and I'm glad I found it! <br />
Best wishes to all of us....we can get through this!

hi, I have had anxiety since I was 13! It came on after we had a small earthquake in our little town and I also had a bad reaction to some acne medication, I thought I was going to die my face swelled up like a pumpkin and it also peeled for weeks. It was terrifying:( Well anyway, I never had panic attacks with a racing heart till I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, this has absolutley turned my life upside down!!!!! :( My anxiety got worse when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, she was only 45 when she passed!! :( this was 4 yrs. ago. I watched her die:( it was so sad and heart wrenching, then after they took her body away, I had a anxiety attack, felt like i couldn't breath. I have got to say, since her death, my life is debilitating:( !!! I have fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression, graves disease and I noticed heart palps when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Well they went away after I had her, then I had them again with my second daughter, then I wore the 24 hr. heart moniter. everything was normal. They went away after I had her. Then 5 yrs. later I had my third daughter had them again!! Well they have not went away:( Then being diagnosed with a HYPERactive thyroid, graves disease, I get them all the time!!!! So bad that now my heart just takes off racing , for no reason, then I get a full blown awful panic attack:( I have also wore the 30 day moniter and it was noraml, I have also had TONS of EKG'S and they are all normal! Also my thyroid levels are stable now, but I am also pregnant, so everything is complicated!! All I do is worry, worry, worry :( So now my Endo Dr. is going to check my adrenal glands, cause the attacks happen and I times I get rushes of adrenaline that will make my heart keep racing for a long time:( I have got to say also that I NEVER HAD ANY OF THESE CHRONIC HEART PALPS AND RACING HEART TILL I GOT GRAVES DISEASE!!!! ITS AWFUL:( Yeah and dr.'s look at me like I am crazy and tell me to take a beta blocker. Some Dr.'s are understanding though =)

hi, I have had anxiety since I was 13! It came on after we had a small earthquake in our little town and I also had a bad reaction to some acne medication, I thought I was going to die my face swelled up like a pumpkin and it also peeled for weeks. It was terrifying:( Well anyway, I never had panic attacks with a racing heart till I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, this has absolutley turned my life upside down!!!!! :( My anxiety got worse when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, she was only 45 when she passed!! :( this was 4 yrs. ago. I watched her die:( it was so sad and heart wrenching, then after they took her body away, I had a anxiety attack, felt like i couldn't breath. I have got to say, since her death, my life is debilitating:( !!! I have fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression, graves disease and I noticed heart palps when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Well they went away after I had her, then I had them again with my second daughter, then I wore the 24 hr. heart moniter. everything was normal. They went away after I had her. Then 5 yrs. later I had my third daughter had them again!! Well they have not went away:( Then being diagnosed with a HYPERactive thyroid, graves disease, I get them all the time!!!! So bad that now my heart just takes off racing , for no reason, then I get a full blown awful panic attack:( I have also wore the 30 day moniter and it was noraml, I have also had TONS of EKG'S and they are all normal! Also my thyroid levels are stable now, but I am also pregnant, so everything is complicated!! All I do is worry, worry, worry :( So now my Endo Dr. is going to check my adrenal glands, cause the attacks happen and I times I get rushes of adrenaline that will make my heart keep racing for a long time:( I have got to say also that I NEVER HAD ANY OF THESE CHRONIC HEART PALPS AND RACING HEART TILL I GOT GRAVES DISEASE!!!! ITS AWFUL:( Yeah and dr.'s look at me like I am crazy and tell me to take a beta blocker. Some Dr.'s are understanding though =)

I have had heart palps for 12 years! Seen 4 doctors done all the test.... Found nothing wrong my anxiety has gotten bad but only when these palps come alone! It seems I get them when its the time of the month or I ovulate! I drink nothing but water and some sprite! No chocolate or coke! Anyway eating tums, bananas, drinking 8oz of grape juice 100% twice a day helps me just google natural ways to cure heart palps!!! My last option is medication and my new heart doc which I love says my heart is strong and heart palPs would not damage my heart or kill me even though it seems like it! I wish my heart doc lived with me lol!!! Best of luck just google things you never know what you might come across!

Let me tell you, I first got these when I was going through a rough patch when I was in the Army. They kind of went away for awhile after I got out, but then, I had some serious financial difficulties and all of a sudden WHAMM! They came back. That was in 2004 and they haven't left me since. <br />
<br />
I have had so many damned tests, it's not even funny, and they all say the same thing, that my heart is fine. Hell, even one of the cardiologists that I see suffers from them.<br />
<br />
So anyways, they started up real hard while I was sick with a sinus infection. I wore a holter monitor for 2 weeks, which of course, showed nothing. So I got put on Metoprolol. That has done some good for me. They haven't gone away entirely, but the frequency and the severity is greatly reduced.<br />
<br />
Anyways, we all have these. For whatever reason, we seem to really focus on them more than others. It ****** me off though. Whenever they come, I'm like "Awwww CRAP! Is this it?"<br />
<br />
LOL...well, I hope just reading these comments help. I know it helps me to know that we're not all just sitting time-bombs waiting to have a little cardio explosion.<br />
<br />
Take care and perhaps try some meditation. I'm getting ready to start doing it. I've heard that it can actually help.

I am 24 and I also have this problem .. What I don't understand is the main cause behind this .. I was told by my doctor that I should avoid eating chocolates. I still eat chocolates even when I know its not good for me .. Can anyone tell me why all of a sudden, chocolates, coffee, tea are causing these palpitations? .. and one more thing .. at times i feel my heart is doing a lot of effort to beat .. esp when i try to rest. My mother is a heart patient so is there a possibility my palpitations are related to some heart disease i might get in few years .. and when all my tests are normal, what should i do about this problem , rather than just taking Inderal to reduce my heart rate.

I have been so blessed by all the comments everyone has made. It just validates that I am not crazy at all. In fact, I think we are all very normal because we recognize that there is a challenge and we rise up to meet it in spite of our fear every day.<br />
<br />
It is like hearing a nosie at night, you stop, wait for silence to see if you hear it again. The same happens with palpitations. You have one, and thn you spend the rest of your day waiting for the next one.<br />
<br />
I am a person of Faith, and will be praying for all of you to be lifted above these 2 terrible life challenges, heart palpitations and anxiety. I need my life back...and so do you.<br />
<br />
Peace and Blessings to all.

I too suffer from heart palpitations on a daily basis. I have been so concerned and consumed by them. I have never been so in tuned with my body. In fact, I am, we are perhaps, too in tuned with our body, waiting and fearing those palpiations. But after reading all of the above comments, with the exception of one person taking certain meds for other problems, we all suffer from panic attacks/anxiety. I began (there goes a palpitation--feel it up to my throat) experiencing panic after my young cousin violently committed suicide. It cannot be a coincidence that we all suffer from panic and experience palpitations so frequently. A therapist told me that when we are stressed, our body releases cortisol, and our bodies react to the stress. I used to react to stress with stomach nervousness, but never pangs in my chest. Now, all the stress or fatigue is experienced in my chest, whether its tightness, rapid heartbeats, or palpitations. It is like my body only wants to let me know its stressed in my chest/heart region! It has really placed an obstacle in my life. From being so outgoing and independent, to never being able to go into large malls, stores, or crowded places because I feel like I'm getting swallowed up or so disoriented. I want to the the Halter monitor. I have had an EKG and a heart ultrasound. The cardiologist told me I have the heart of a bull and that this is all panic related. Unfortunately, as many of you can probably relate, we are only consumed with the fear that these palpitations will lead to heart attack one day, despite what the doctors tell us. Someone gave me some Omega 3 wild alaskan fish oils and told me it it supposed to decrease the palps. I have been taking them 2 weeks now. Not sure if its working. Would be happy into tricking myself that it works, so that in fact I am reducing my own stress over it, therefore reducing the palps. It's like a vicious cylce. I really feel for you all and hope that we can overcome this problem.

I've Had Ablation Surgery About 7 Years ago and They have came back. I noticed with eating right and Excerise I hardly had any. Well the last 5 Days they Returned with a vengence, pretty bad. I also have problems with Anxiety attacks and worrying so i think i am making them worse. I just try to wonder why i haven't had them for so long and then they have came back the last few days. I have also noticed when i notice them alot is around the time of the month. and if i have ate something spicy and have heartburn. My Problem is I have no Insurance right now, so i am avoiding going to the Dr. Then that worries me also because i am afraid i will go into Atrial Fib like i have done before i had surgery. Any Info would be so much appreciate. Thankss.

Hi,<br />
I am 44 and I started to get palpitations about the time Reggie Lewis and Hank Gathers died on the basketball court. I was in a community league championship basketball game and it felt like a strong hick-up in my heart. I was so scared that I dropped the ball and asked one of my team-mates to take me to the hospital. Today, I get them at least 50 times a day and the doctors say that they are normal with the exception that I feel mine. Most people have them and don't notice them but others do. This condition has changed my life to a point where every place that I go, I need to be in close proximity to a hospital or fire station. That may sound a bit extreme but it is true. I am taking medication but it is not helping. I just need to have piece of mind.

hi my name is Ryan i am only 16 i have been having panic attacks since i was 12 i hate them and i always will but when i was 14 i started getting heart palpitations i remember it was Australia day anyway they used to scare the **** outta me now i kinda like them just a little reminder my hearts still beating and also Ive notice the after a palpitation my chest muscles relax and its easier to breath now i am so used to them i can fell them coming about 5 sec before they happen but they mostly occur at night whilst i am laying bed but i life goes on and i am still here without any other health problems ( also i had a palpitation when i was typing this)

HI to all of you guys, you know taking certain meds has been linked to the kind of abnormal heart rhythms you describe.... Avandia the diabetes drug and the painkillers Darvon and Darvocet have all been linked to tachycardia, arrhythmia, heart attack and other such cardiac health complications. If you are taking any of these meds and think that they could have contributed to your conditions then you could get compensation...There is even a lawsuit surrounding these two drugs. In case anyone finds this of interest, then here are some links with more info on related side effects of the these meds and how you can seek legal help <br /><br />
i hope this is of use to some of you.

I have the same problem : / at least im not the only one who feels like this....

Im a 39 year old man and I stopped smoking about 8 months ago. I still smoke marijuana rarely, and in the past 5 months I developed a swollen prostate and in the last month I've began to have serious heart palpitations. I went to the ER and my ekg and blood work came back normal. I also had a ct scan of my pelvic region because they cannot find what is causing the prostate problems. My doctor thinks its anxiety disorder, but nothing helps. Ive stopped smoking everything, no caffine, and still I have no relief. I'm so frustrated with this, I have no health insurance so this is costing a fourtune and I still have no answers. Is there anyone out there with similar problems?

this kind of sounds like SVT, superventricular tachycardia... and the manuver that you are using to stop the palpations (holding your breath slightly bearing down) is called the vagal manuver. mention SVT to your physicain.

I also suffer from palpitations, ever since I was told that my father was going to die (seems like it is the shock and the adrenaline that must of triggered this). The thing is my father did die and a year on I am still suffering form these crazy daily episodes. Some times it is exercise that triggers them or after having a meal or even when I am just relaxing it happens. I have also had all the tests you can think of. 7 ecg’s, echo, stress test, blood tests and an x-ray. All the results seems to come back normal. I have stopped going to my doctor as they look at me as if I am crazy and am wasting there time. If the doctors were going through what we are going through they would understand and be just as scared. <br />
<br />
I know millions of people suffer from this problem but what I would like to know is why don’t doctors actually know what is causing this. They do give pills to help slow your heart down or help your anxiety but they do not actually know why people suffer from this problem (a normal heart rate one day then BAM. All of a sudden palpitations and your life is never the same again). All I know is that this has changed my life as I am scared of doing any thing too physically demanding because I feel I may suddenly die as a result of this. I just want the palps to stop so I can continue with my life like normal.<br />
I would like to add that I also suffer from panic attacks and anxiety but these attacks are brought on by the palpitations.

I have this exact same problem. It really has taken a serious toll on my life in a negative way. My father is a hypochondriac, and my mom has heart palpitations as well. One day i will be fine, and then the next thing, I get cold sweats and a panic attack throws itself at me and I start getting palpitations. THERE IS NO PEACE! I have had an ECG and there was nothing wrong apparently, but it still happens ALL THE TIME! When I sleep it's all okay, but I will monitor my heart beat after having a palpitation, and then i'll start having them! All I do is freak out about it, and controls my life. I'm physically active, and I don't have them when i'm working out, but I get them when i'm sick, and I get them when i'm dehydrated. But anyway, I just wish I knew how to make these stop....I wanna live a normal life, and not one in fear.

Wow. That sounds a whole lot like me also. I have had this for approximately 20 years or so. So obviously it has not killed me-yet. The doctors all think it is nothing to worry about and that it might be more stress related. <br />
It occurs when i am under stress or tired from not sleeping enough. Even the slightest worrisome thought can trigger a flip-flop feeling accompanied with sudden shortness of breath. It really feels like a seizure or spasm of the heart to me but all the doctors i see do not see anything seriously wrong. Since it might be panic and anxiety related i agreed to take antidepressants and that has helped to a certain degree. But i needed to take the right dose to see any improvement.<br />
I really think people with sensitive nervous systems are more prone to have these episodes. So any big changes in your lifestyle and/or stress levels need to be monitored and balanced.<br />
As for the ablation procedure mentioned previously, i am not aware of the risks involved so that would be an option that would need to be seriously discussed with an MD.

I too had the 30 day halter monitor. Thats when I found out I had tachycardia (The crazy fast heart rate with palpitations), a crazy feeling!! They said I could get the cardiac ablation or take medicine=( I didn't want to do either one! Then one day i took some cold medicine (didn't think anything of it, i was sick ya know), and that sh** did some funky things to me. My heart was tweaking out for hours!! I mean every single beat was a palpitation!! Anyway, thats when I decided to take some medicine for this. And let me tell you it works!! I started with 25mg Metoprolol twice daily, but they had to up my dosage to 50mg daily. I love this stuff:) Every now and again I get palpitations, but it is nothing, i mean NOTHING like it used to be. And its not somtehing you get addicted to or gain a tolerance. So once you find your dosage, thats where it stays. Of course still me careful of caffeine, lots of alchohol, and DO NOT SMOKE! Yikes, i found out real quick how bad it truly is for your heart. Palpation city, the next day. For me i really like the medicine i'm on. But for you if you are brave enough to get the procedure done then do it. i hear that that works veryyy well. I've known some people who have had the procedure, and they said it took care of it. Of course there are times when the ablation doesn't work. I know a lady who has had 5 procedures. Obviously talk to your cardiologist about both options, they will know more than me. But my experience with Metoprolol has been a great one. Well i wish you the best of luck! Keep me updated!!

All I can say is that you could be me. That sounds exactly like what I have. I have had palpitations my whole life. I remember being 10 years old and getting a bad episode for about 30 seconds. I would get them on and off for years. I am 33 now, but when I was 30 I had to go to the ER in the middle of the night because my palpitations would not stop and my heartrate was 150bpm. That lasted about 2 hours....that really sucked! Anyways, after all the tests (bloodwork, EKG, Echo, Stress Test Nuclear version) everything came back normal which was good and bad news. Good to be normal, bad to not know what is causing these things. Since that bad episode I have had palpitations on a daily basis (maybe 20 days in the last 3 years I have not had any).<br />
<br />
I hate living with these things. I am not overweight and am in average shape. I have no clue what to do. Recently I have had an increase in the palpitations so I went to the doctor and I am wearing a 30 day holter/event monitor to narrow this down. The EP doctor says I may be a candidate for an ablasion procedure, but I don't like the idea of that either.<br />
<br />
Any ideas....Anything work good?

I suffer from the same darn thing. I have palpitations and tachycardia. SUCKS! My first "attack" , the best way for me to describe it, happened 10 years ago as well. I get palpitations when i bend over, i eat sweets, or just eat something crappy, when i drink alcohol, exercise, basically the same as you. And i too suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. People say they understand me, but they have never experience what i go through with these damned palpitations! Reading other peoples expeirences with this calms me a bit though. The doc told me it was harmless also, but it's still stressful when your just sitting there and all the sudden a hard thump in your HEART ruins a perfectly calm moment. Then I get all "freaked out". Sometimes this causes more and sometimes it will only be that one, but I'm on edge just waiting for the next one. Its is stressful but just remember so many people go through it. Your not alone. I'm gonna start a heart healthy diet and see how that helps me. Good luck to you!