Supraventricular Tachycardia

I am currently 30 years old with two children. I first started having signs when I was pregnant with my daughter (9 years ago), just a racing heart beat that came on all of a sudden.

I have since been in the hospital a few times with a heart rate of almost 200 beats a minute, sometimes more. I have had it beating so hard that you could literally see my body moving with every beat! I am on medication at the moment, though it still isn't controlled very well. And over the last few weeks my problems have become slightly worse, with shortness of breathe and chest pain. I also have just found out that one of the valves leaks blood back out a little bit, though I was told that isn't too uncommon. 

So in a few weeks I will undergo a mini surgery for the tachycardia: catheter ablation. This procedure destroys a tiny part of the heart that causes the problem.

So wish me luck :)
kaye30kaye kaye30kaye
26-30, F
Dec 8, 2012