Helped A Stranger

Like doing good to others; while most find this to be a weakness becaise they can abuse you when and if you are too careful.
Saw a stranger who came out of a village to the town and was searching a job a boy who is about 14 to 15 yrs; requested that he come to my house and stay with us and together we can search a job for him.
He shared the same room as the my two boys and the maid. He could eat and sleep in the house and do nothing.
One fine day, I asked him to go make a change of 10 dollars for me so that i can take the bus to workm, he left; hours passes and no sign of him. He decided to go with my 10 dollar and no sign of him was ever heard after that; he had ledt his bag full of clothes and gone like the wind. To my greatest surprise it did not hurt me at all; my heart was ok and I knew that my knew that my heart was at the right place and my intention was only to help him that was all.
I can stop helping others; but I won't I just will be more careful.

AfricainChocolate AfricainChocolate
26-30, F
Aug 13, 2010