My Husband Had Hemangiopericytoma For About 15 Years

Starting in 1997 my husband had brain surgery that was not diagnosed as hemangiopericytoma.  Possibly at that time it was not.. In 2005 he had Gamma Knife surgery to hit 3 small tumors that returned.  His last MRI was 2006.  In 2008 he had a seizure that led Drs. to find 15 small tumors and two very large tumors in brain.  They removed the biggest.  Chemo and radiation followed with no  guarantee it would help.  The Drs. found more tumors in leg, liver and sacrum.  The prognosis was 4 months.  My husband wanted to try everything--so he did the Chemo and radiation..
In 2012 Jan they found tumor over right eye had started to grow, also one in liver.  They suggested Gamma Knife again.  He had Gamma Knife April 11th and it is my belief that his body could not take the radiation this time around.  He died May 2nd.
He had 3 1/2 years extra that Drs. were amazed at.  He never considered himself sick  and  kept himself engaged in life.
When we first learned of his diagnosis we were all devastated, but his determination and openness to life helped us to all rejoice in life with him.  He lived a long time from the first one in 1997.  At the last Gamma Knife one of the Drs. remarked at how amazing had been his journey.

Barbamiller6 Barbamiller6
May 16, 2012