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hey my name is Ashtyn Mooso. i have Hemifacual Microsomia and i have had surgreys my whole life. im currently miss teen idaho falls and i want to spread the word about Hemifacual to the world, little by little. i started a Facebook account named Hemifaual Microsomia. please like it! so we can educate everyone or just talk about it. Thank u!
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I just looked at your facebook page, and showed my 5 year old daughter who has hemifacial microsomia. She said you look like a princess. I am so glad we found this site, and your story.

I have had several operations as well... I hear you! I am currently trying to get an organization or some sort of foundation started for awareness. I'd love to hear any ideas you have!

here is my facebook page but if you want to talk about everything i have gone thru like surgery wise and speech wise then massage me on facebook and my name is Ashtyn Mooso. :)

I have searched your account on facebook. I can not seem to find it. I'd love someone to talk to regarding my babies diagnosis. Are you able to post a link to it?